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    Challenges and Opportunities in International Business

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    Can You Discuss how international business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) e-commerce have been facilitated by the Internet and other technological advances as you explore the following questions:

    - What barriers to effective international business management has technology lowered?
    - How has technology changed markets?
    - What new alliances has technology enabled?
    - How is the potential for a firm's international expansion impacted by technology?
    - Can technology be adapted when a company has business in countries of different technological capacities, or does the complexity create too great of a risk for expansion?

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    - What barriers to effective international business management has technology lowered?
    Exchanging information is the first one I can think of. People from all over the world can exchange ideas, thoughts, and solutions because technology provides many ways to communicate and send information. Technology also provides better capabilities for tracking customers, creating databases and being able to use them to mine other information. People can make presentations and supply information across the globe without leaving their homes or offices.

    - How has technology changed markets?
    It has opened previously closed markets for business and people. Every person has the ...

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    The challenges and opportunities in international businesses are determined. How technology changed markets are determined.