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    Free Trade Policies and Worldwide Charitable Contributions

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    Comparing free trade policies and worldwide charitable contributions, which has done more to elevate the living conditions in impoverished third world countries? Defend your position. Please provide 2-3 references and about 500 words.

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    A comparison of free trade policies and charitable contributions to third world countries is an interesting comparison. Both have had advantages and disadvantages in being successful. While there has been some improvement in third world countries, these countries are still third world - they are not anywhere near where they should (or could) be, which shows that neither method has been a complete success, even when we take the resources available to the developed nations.

    There are many charities that specifically help third world countries. The mission of these charities is to collect monetary donations, and then use those donations to purchase food and clothing for the residents of that country. We are familiar with the television commercials about feeding the orphans in a center in Tanzania, Somalia, or some other third world country. While this is useful, we have to consider that most charities do not donate 100% of the funds received, as certain expenses come out of that money, which include establishing relations with a respectable entity in ...

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    This solution extensively compares free trade policies with worldwide charitable contributions in relation to improvements in third world countries.