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    International Business Management

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    Culture and Human Resource Management: Geert Hofstede

    Geert Hofstede is over 80 years old but is still a widely active researcher, consultant, and speaker. His work on cultural dimensions such as individualism and power distance is still widely taught and used in evaluating international business decisions. For this discussion, go to Youtube or Google video search and find two

    India's policies impacting the issue of Globalization

    Globalization has a huge impact and issue on cultural, social, monetary, political, economic and communal life of countries. Please explain in 1-2 page answering the three questions below: 1. Summarize what existing literature says about any one of the selected issue or challenge listed above and India's policies impacting th

    Culture and Human Resources Management

    Arik Air is one Nigeria's largest airline and one of the largest airlines in all of Africa. Their employment situation is a bit unique in that close to 10 percent of their employees are expatriates. Recruiting and retaining expatriates to work as pilots or other positions in Nigeria can require higher salaries than are typically

    YouTube's Impact on Society and the World

    In 350 words, 1 internet and 1 scholarly reference, answer the following: Gives three examples of how YouTube has made a global impact on society. How has YouTube positively and negatively affected and influenced different cultures around the globe.

    International Trade & Manufacturing With China

    You represent a large U.S. corporation that manufactures rubber tires, and you want to begin manufacturing and distribution in China. Discuss the macro environment of the country. What is the company strategy there? How will you be socially and economically responsible? What would be the role of management? What is the m

    Big Green Egg Launch

    In 1500 word Research Paper/ Business Plan with Type 1 and 2 Headings to separate the paragraphs, references, and in text citations in 6th edition, APA format Plan a realistic market launch of the Big Green Egg, from introduction through stabilization of operations. "Launch" applies to the target market where you want to se

    Organizational Issues in Global Environment

    Answer the following question in 300 words, using in text citations and 2 references Research one organization that has expanded into a global market and outline some of the problems that the organization had to mitigate when entering the new market-space. Specifically identify three of the seven characteristics that are list

    Berkshire Hathaway Inc

    Berkshire Hathaway Inc. has almost a "personality cult" organizational culture which essentially revolves around one man and his investing prowess. The man's name is Warren Buffett, the "Oracle of Omaha." Historically, Berkshire Hathaway's business model has been to purchase insurance companies. One great thing about insurance c

    Good with Imposed Tariff.

    Answer the following question in 400 words, with in text citation and 2 references Conduct a web search seeking a current event related to a good that has an imposed tariff or quota placed on it. Discuss the relevance of the article to international trade. How does the flow of this item, product, or good, or lack thereof, sp

    Product flows from one country to the next

    In 300 Words, answer the question with in text citation and 2 references Research one item that is internationally traded and outline how this product flows from one country to the next. Are any tariffs, quotas, or restrictions on this product being traded? Has this product ever been under an embargo? If so, why? Is there a d

    Expanded into the International Market

    In 300 words, answer the following question with in text citation and 2 references. Research one organization that has expanded into an international market (crosses national borders) and outline how this organization entered this new market. Identify the specific mode of entry that the organization used. What were the organi

    International Traded Item

    Answer the following question in 300 words with in text citation and 2 references Choose one item that is internationally traded and hypothesize what would happen if this item were no longer internationally traded. Identify which country has this product, describe how it is currently used, what its current benefit is, and wh

    marketing plan budget

    Hello, based off the attached document I need help discussing: *marketing plan elements for the business, such as direct and alternative competition, promotion, pricing, customer analysis, distribution, and selling. *A discussion of leadership, communication and training, and legal, ethical, and information technology iss

    Global Actions Advocated by Amazon

    In a total of 300 words, answer the following questions with references Provide a clear and specific explanation of some of the global actions advocated by Amazon. Describe how Amazon facilitates international trade. Is there e-commerce? Are actual goods transferred? Based on your review, explain what are the biggest chal

    Energy initiatives and the Kyoto Protocol

    The main initiative of the Kyoto Protocol is to reduce the levels of greenhouse gases in the environment. The burden for this initiative has fallen onto the developed countries of the world as the developing countries have yet to be assigned with reduction targets. Discuss the goals and initiatives outlined in the Kyoto Protocol

    Nuclear power vs. coal power

    Since the late 1970s, utilities in selected countries such as the US have generally not added nuclear power generation capabilities to their generation mix. However, over the past decade, utilities have begun to recognize the benefits that nuclear power generation offers—despite the obvious risks. Orders for nuclear power pla

    Competition in Energy Supply

    In 1990, the UK government privatized the electric supply industry, and, in the years following, countries from Australia to Canada have followed suit. Select one country where the energy markets have been deregulated and one country that has not been deregulated. What are the positive and negative outcomes of the process on bot

    World Energy Management

    Identify two geographical regions in the world where energy demand is growing and analyze how the different energy sources supply this demand. Evaluate which region will be able to adequately supply their demand internally versus importing energy sources.

    Basic Multinational Strategies - Local and International

    Explain basic and generic strategies multinationals use in competing locally and internationally. How can generic strategies strengthen competitive advantage in multinational business? Please provide examples of real companies.

    The new energy century

    Consider the potential future of the energy economy on a global scale. Describe the future path of the economics of oil, gas and energy as you see it, by addressing the following points:  Is climate change a real threat to the global economy? If so, what can realistically be done?  Is "peak oil" a real threat to the gl

    Economic Stagnation in Japan

    Describe various aspects of why the Japanese economy had been in such a slump and the possibilities they could have explored to turn it around. 1. Why has the Japanese economy stagnated? What are the main reasons for this? 2. What would be required to get the economy moving again? What are some suggestions that could have b

    Nuclear Energy Feasibility

    What does the future hold for nuclear energy as a supply source? Will nuclear proliferation considerations halt the spread of nuclear power to countries that need it? Why or why not? Please, appropriate case and references

    Risk of Oil Exploration

    Refer to geology concepts and the role of geophysics (especially seismic) in providing information to inform drilling decisions. 1. What is your view on risk sharing between a foreign oil company and a host country? 2. If a host country has agreed to share some of the exploration risk, should the host country insist on th

    Economics of Oil, Gas and Energy

    1. Can discoveries continue to keep up with depletion? Why or why not? If so, for how long? 2. Is OPEC's power likely to increase, decrease, or stay the same? Why? 3. Saudi oil reserves are enormous. Do you anticipate Saudi Arabia will significantly expand its oil production capacity? Why or why not? (please with referen

    Future Energy Demand in Asia Pacific

    Energy demand is growing robustly in China, India, and other Asia-Pacific countries. What is the likely mix of energy type that will meet this demand in the next several decades? How much of this demand will be met by domestic sources? By imports?

    Fixed and Floating Exchange

    Discuss the relative merits of a fixed and a floating exchange rate. From an international business perspective, which criteria is the most important relative to a choice between systems and why?

    Information Privacy and Culture

    The right to control information about oneself (information privacy) seems to be based in culture. How can culture and information technology affect each other? With the dramatic increase of social networking sites, what cultural dimensions would be most likely, and least likely, to regard the preservation of privacy as a human

    Detecting and Preventing Failure

    Discuss some approaches for detecting and preventing failure. Identify one specific operation within an organization and describe the detection and preventative measures that they take. How does this particular operation recover when failure does occur? Reference: Slack, N., Brandon-Jones, A. & Johnston, R. (2013) Operat