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International Business Management

Tools in the global marketplace

Please help me with this issue that I am working on... Thanks Jeanne Identify an area in the global marketplace that has been impacted by new tools and technologies to advance managerial control and increase the performance of organizations. Provide information of the tools and/or technologies that have advanced managerial c

Global Expansion for Small Businesses

Luis Aburto recognized the advantages of outsourcing development work when he decided to start Scio Consulting International LLC, an information technology company. But he still has a question: Where in the world (literally) should he go for the talent he needs? He has considered linking up with a service provider in Bangalore,

Companies With Global Presence

- Describe two companies with a global presence. - Describe the IT goverance organization and structure of each. - Brief summary of identified key policies and procedures of each company. - Compare and contrast each company's IT governance.

Industry Protection and Free Trade

Some argue that government-sponsored agencies such as the Export-Import Bank of the United States essentially subsidizes U.S. exports; thereby distorting the notion of free trade. Others argue that it is natural for any government to facilitate exporting for relatively inexperienced exporting firms; and that the protection of an

Global Alliance

What are the challenges in implementing a global alliance? Once an alliance is reached, what steps are involved in strategic implementation of the venture? Thank you.

Global Banking Crisis

Lessons learned from the prior global banking crisis? What should be done to prevent such a crisis from happening again?

Scandal at MF Global

Consider the recent scandal at MF Global. Given the financial complexity of MF Global's business, were the most recent board members adequately qualified? Explain

Essay 4Name and explain the concept of tariff barriers and name and explain one reason countries maintain trade barriers, such as tariffs, and state whether or not this reason is justified and why or

Name and explain the concept of tariff barriers and name and explain one reason countries maintain trade barriers, such as tariffs, and state whether or not this reason is justified and why or why not. What is the impact of these barriers on the efficient allocation of a country's resources? What is the impact on the consumers t

HR strategies

What are the HR Strategies that management must undertake and support to create a successful global presence to insure the success of an organization in meeting its goals and mission?

Case study for Global Pharmaceutical Company

As Vice President of Chemical Development and Processing of Global Pharmaceutical Company (GPC), Elizabeth Moreno is highly known and renowned specialist within the pharmaceutical industry. Part of Ms. Moreno's role as a key executive is to visit the various subsidiaries of GPC to assist in resolving development and processing i

Explain 2 political and 2 economic issues that arise during global expansion

Describe at least 2 political and 2 economic issues that may arise during global expansion, and propose methods of addressing them. (Choose issues that are distinct from those that are purely domestic). Explain the importance of and implications of each issue with regard to the company's proposed expansion to France. Find

Knowledge Management (KM)

Would you briefly explain how KM is supposed to work in organizations? Also, how do you think that social networks like Facebook and Myspace could be used as a knowledge sharing tool within a KM program. ? . What I want to know is your opinion on how these kinds of sites might be us

Macro Forces - Harley Davidson

I have a case study to do for Harley Davidson and I need the Macro Forces for Harley Davidson which consist of: 1. Economic 2. Political/Legal/Regulatory 3. Social/Demographic 4. Technological 5. Environmental/Ecological Please Help! Thanks!

Knowledge Management

Compare and contrast the major theoretical approaches to knowledge management. Analyze and discuss the role that technology has in capturing unique, but level dependent, organizational knowledge. Synthesize the findings and evaluate the implications for global organizations.

Gender Glass ceiling

I could use a tutor on this assignment: Gender In the company you are discussing, there are likely certain issues that pertain particularly to women Women often find barriers when moving towards the top. This invisible barrier is often called "The Glass Ceiling". For more information see: Glass Ceiling Still Unshattere

Short Global Questions

Could you provide your feedback to these questions below? 1. You mentioned in your post that you believe strategic alliance is most constructive because "they are able to gain wealth through multiple partnerships." Here is my question, how constructive would the same approach be if you discovered six years into your alliance

Global Questions

1. Consider various approaches to global organizational management. Which approach is most constructive? Explain why. 2. What issues are likely to arise for managers within a transnational organization? How might these issues be dealt with effectively? 3. What roles do an organization's talent, capabilities, competencies,

Short Global Questions

Could you provide your feedback to these questions below? 1. However, when dealing with different cultures from the individualistic, and collective cultures, how would you reconcile each strong norm from each group of people to effect a positive and strong GBT and how would you suggest each member from a different country le

Culture, Diversity and Strategy

1. How would you plan to manage working capital between operations in Asia, the US and Europe? What would be important to you? 2. A very big issue for most global companies is NIH (not invented here). The resistance of subsidiary management can create all sorts of problems for the company. Anyone have any good ideas as to h

Weekly Global Questions

1. What are some of the challenges presented to transnational organizations? How important is it to recognize these challenges before responding to them? 2. What are some of the capabilities needed in a multidimensional and competitive environment? How might an organization develop these capabilities? 3. How might an organ

2 Short Global Management Questions

1. During the focus group participating activities it is quite possible the feedback may not be as positive as expected. What are some steps or processes you have experienced during these types of outcomes to review and manage these types of responses? What are the ways management will notice the ways something is occurring with

Global Questions

1. You point out the expected answer of planning and strategy is the most important practice for integration. However, what I appreciate most from your response is the comment regarding flexibility and adaptability. What do you believe are some key aspects of these points regarding the practice of integration within a transnati

Weekly Global Questions

1. What are some best practices for managing integration and responsiveness? Why are flexibility and adaptability important for transnational organizations? 2. Why is the ongoing development of transnational organizations important? How might a transnational organization create and maintain global competitive advantage while

Women in the Business and Developing a Global Mindset

1. Folks, one area of consideration is women in business. While we have our glass ceilings that must be broken, we have a generally accepting position for women in business within the U.S. That acceptance is anywhere near equal in the Middle East and even into advanced countries such as Japan. Female managers have started to app