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    International Business Management

    Trade Barriers

    What are examples of trade barriers? What trade barriers are commonly used in the US?

    The Collaboration Process (LaFleur Trading Company Example)

    What are the steps of the collaboration process in the functional areas that must be used to achieve organizational goals? Identify and explain. Also, create an action plan to implement this collaboration process using Lafleur Trading Company.

    Automobile industry analysis and recommendations --> "reduce production"

    Integrate Current Market Conditions. Give an overview of the history of the auto industry, the market in which it operates, any issues or opportunities that the auto industry faces. Discuss market Trends (Cost structure, Productivity, price elasticity of demand, competitors). Address the following: 1. Determine how glo

    Global Warming or Hype

    Global warming is a topic that has been in the news. In your own words, do you believe that there really is an environmental crisis or do you believe that there is "hype" to create demand and profits in certain markets? Support your answer with at least three reasons, and remember to cite your research sources at the bot

    Global relocation specialist to advise employees for expectations

    Assume that you are a relocation specialist who must advise a global manager and his or her family on what to expect when they go to JAPAN. Specialists in relocation have determined that global managers and their families should seek satisfactory answers to at least these ten questions before undertaking an international ass

    Country Treasurer that Would Want to Invest in Company Funds

    The treasurer of a major U.S. firm has $12 million to invest for 3 months. The interest rate in the U.S. is 0.42 percent per month. The interest rate in Great Britain is 0.52 percent per month. The spot exchange rate is 0.70, and the three-month forward rate is 0.71. Ignoring transaction costs, in which country would the treasur

    Assessing the International Aspects of Financial Management

    Please help with the following problem. The spot rate between Canada and the U.S. is C$1.2381 - $1, while the 1-year forward rate is C$1.2379 = $1. The risk-free rate in Canada is 2.8 percent. The risk-free rate in the U.S. is 3.6 percent. How much profit can you earn on a loan of $10,000 by utilizing covered interest arbitr

    Global economic crisis impacted company's market products/services.

    Discuss how the global economic crisis has impacted the way company's market their products/services. Discuss how customers can influence the products and services provided by companies. Identify ways that a company can make marketing every employee's responsibility. How can customers' needs and wants impact marketing?

    Knowledge Management General Topics

    See attached file. The attached document contains a list of questions extracted and compiled from many university papers on knowledge management. I will need help on answering the questions based on your expertise. Each answer can be in bullet point, or paragraph format, within the box given. I am using it for self study a

    Disclosure to the media about rat infestation

    During a crisis, such as a rat infestation at a restaurant, is it effective crisis management if a franchise owner refuses to speak to a reporter? What if the owner of the restaurant does not know all of the details?

    Explain how organizations relate strategically to their environments.

    Discuss the following topic: Environments shape organizations. In turn, organizations also shape the environments in which they interact. Organizations, in part, also choose which environments they enter and exit, choose which coalitions are most desirable, and determine the contexts in which they function. Explain how orga

    Global Advertising Portion

    Choose a country-Greece, Company Santo Wine Product to launch-gourmet olives Market where that product is not currently marketed by that company in France Complete the global advertising portion of the Global Marketing Plan. This portion of the plan presents your global advertising strategy for your product. The advert

    Middle Up-Down Management, Sharing and Creating Knowledge

    How can the process and systems of the organizations be effectively utilized to support the sharing and creating of knowledge? Include the definition and features of middle up-down management. Give a real-life example for this kind of management. Provide a website link supporting the example.

    Global Stretegic MGMT

    Research the VISA website. Respond to the following questions: What is the most important problem facing VISA? What recommendation(s) would you make to VISA and in what order of priorities? How do you balance between your commitment to shareholders and your commitment to the community? 364 words

    Global Stretegic MGMT

    Research UPS. What is your impression of the operation of UPS? Conduct a SWOT Analysis of UPS in an MS Word table. Define competitive advantage and competitive strategy. Does UPS have a competitive advantage and/or a competitive strategy? Justify your answer. Choose one UPS product (http://www.ups.com/search/navigate). D

    Global and Cross-Cutural Negotiations

    Describe a global or cross-cultural negotiation that you have experienced in you day-to-day life. What variables affected the negotiations? How did the variables affect the negotiation process and outcome? What role might ethics have played in the negotiation? Provide specific examples. 639 words.

    Global management

    1) Consider various approaches to global organizational management. Which approach is most constructive? Explain why 2) What issues are likely to arise for managers within a transnational organization? How might these issues be dealt with effectively? 3) What roles do an organization's talent, capabilities, competencies, and a

    Global Business Environment: Brazil

    The board wants you to make a report to discuss any ethical problems that may exist in Brazil in terms of doing business. On transparency.org, find Brazil and give its rankings in terms of bribe payer's index and the index of corruption perceptions. In terms of the region Brazil is in, what is the global corruption barometer?

    What is the global potential in the moviemaking industry?

    Discuss the following questions: What is the global potential in the moviemaking industry? How well do movies travel across borders? Is the filmmaking industry global? What factors would you consider in determining how global an industry is or should be? Use concepts from the text and supplemental reading to support

    Logistics Transportation

    In logistics transportation what are the use and effects of global positioning systems, bar coding, radio frequency identification and internet use?

    Description of Global Business Environment in Brazil

    The board chairman wants you to expand the company into Brazil. He wants you to make a memo to present to the board that will discuss Brazil's cultural profile. Ensure that you discuss key cultural variables (i.e. Hofstede, Trompenaar, etc.) and how they compare to the USA. - Brazil's cultural profile - How do these diffe

    Outline-- Global Wa rming

    Global Warming: Fact or Fiction. After the former U.S. Vice President Al Gore received the Nobel Prize for his work and efforts to raise awareness about global warming, he was asked to prepare a white paper on the subject. To enhance his credibility, he plans to present points and counterpoints to the subject. Write a memo