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International Business Management

Forecasting for PepsiCo

Pepsico, Inc is a global snack and beverage company operating in nearly 200 countries. It is organized in to four divisions. Frito-lay north America PepsiCo beverage North America, PepsiCo international and Quaker foods Products include convenience snacks, sweet and grain based carbonated and noncarbonated drinks and foods. On O

Free Trade

I need 250-300 words to answer the following Should free trade always be fair? Provide an example of when free trade doesn't equate fair trade? IS it possible for free and fair trade to really exist? If so, give an example. If you do not think so please explain why.

Reasons why a MNE might prefer to work with a single global advertising agency

Several advertising agencies have expanded their operations to the global level so that they can offer their services worldwide. Discuss the reasons an MNE might prefer to work with a single global advertising agency instead of a series of local or regional agencies. Explore the challenges advertising agencies face when they

Global Analysis question

Country analysis question on India 600-words. The main natural resources of India are Iron ore, Coal, limestone, and silica sand, bauxite, and copper ore. How India develops road ways, buildings, infrastructure? Speak about which states or state head this Natural Resource and how it would relate to the items listed below:

Global Expansion Through Franchising For Market Penetration

I am working on the infamous Ruth Chris's Steakhouse case study. The CEO is looking for another country in which to enter with his restaurant. He has to work within certain limitations, etc. One my suggestions will be to establish more franchises within the countries where restaurants were recently opened. In other words, I am s

Public Relations: Proactive and Reactive crisis management

1. Why should an organization be concerned with both proactive and reactive crisis management? 2. Cite a recent example of an organization that used either a proactive or reactive PR campaign and explain how they handled the issue and whether or not you think the outcome was considered a success. Explain why.


This Module, you're going to think about cycles in your reference organization - predictable changes over time in key indicators of the organization's performance - and how sensitive you think the organization is to the business cycle. NEED A 2 PAGE PAPER ANSWERING A COUPLE OF QUESTIONS

Crisis management

What is an emerging crisis management consideration? How would you analyze this emerging crisis? What business continuation recommendations would you have for responding to that emerging crisis?

Market failure

QUESTION Within markets function analysis, many authors considered that "the existence of "market failure" and/or "government failure" has fuelled a lively debate about the relative merits of using the market or the state to coordinate and undertake various kinds of economic activity". Discuss the above statement using exa

Comprehensive Analysis

Need help in paper a 300 word paper on which analysis of Finland making of the Nokia phones for a global business venture of the following things o Organization and product or service analysis ? Description of your organization ? Product needs assessment of the target country ? Description of product to meet the need

3000 word essay on india

HOW MUCH ?THIS POSTING IS FOR 25 CREDITS AND I CAN PAY 15 CREDITS MORE . SO 40 CREDITS IN TOTAL. NO COPY PASTE ALLOWED. NEEDED IN 24 HRS. Hi, I need help on a 3000 words postgraduate assignment about analysing the current indian Renewable Energy Industry. The assignment is in the form of a report to the president of a c

Comparison of Two Organizations' Knowledge Management Implementations

Compare two Knowledge Management implementations by organizations. This will need to cover descriptions of the two organizations being compared, a brief explanation of their Knowlege Management implementations, comparison of their Knowledge Management implementations, and discussion of success factors and/or lessons learned from

Export Documentation Matrix

Please see the attached document for the full question. In the following matrix, you will identify who requires a specific document to be completed or where the document needs to be filed. You will also give a short description of the document's purpose in the importing process.

Manufacturing cycle efficiency, labour variance rate, direct-material cost, etc.

1. The management of International Cookwares believes that delivery performance measures must be improved if the company is to maintain its competitive edge. The following data are considered to be typical of the time to complete orders. ? Process time: 4.0 days ? Wait time to the start of production: 15.0 days ? Move time: 3.0

Concepts and Problems in Macroeconomics

As an employee of the World Bank you have been asked to research the needs of a country with a particular economic concern. For this assignment, select a country and an economic concern, such as population, unemployment, etc. Search the Library and Internet for data sets for the concern that you have chosen. Answer the follow

Knowledge Management: Applying Three Principles of Corporate Creativity

After reading the 7 page article attached, please provide a response: 'How Applying Three Principles of Corporate Creativity Can Boost Your Rate of Continuous Improvement by an Order of Magnitude," by Alan G. Robinson and Sam Stern How might material rewards related to the economic savings of an improvement suggestion crea

Identify current trends in macro and microeconomics, fiscal and monetary policy

Assume that the economy is already in a recession, and both the President and Congress have decided to do something to restore the economy. Both agree that lowering taxes would not be a good idea, but do believe that it is in the best interest of the economy to increase government spending in defense, education & infrastructure.

Free Market Negative Externalities

Why will a free market produce too much of goods that have negative externalities, like pollution? Why will a free market produce too little of goods that have positive externalities, like pollution controls?

Global Warming

For this discussion, go to the website, First, find something on the website that you did NOT previously know about global warming. Next, tell us tell us about what you found and tell us WHERE on the website you found that information. You should include a link to the information

Environmental Protection Issues and Global Warming

Topic: Environmental Protection Issues and Global Warming There has been a great deal of discussion concerning global warming. Global warming has been an issue that concerns a great number of scientists in the United States and abroad. As you are aware, the melting of the Arctic are the most visible signs. According to th

Global Communications: Gap Analysis for US Auto

2. Global Communications Gap Analysis Using the Gap Analysis Template, prepare a 1,050-1,750-word paper in which you complete Table 1, Table 2, and Table 3 and perform a gap analysis for Global Communications. Be sure to incorporate appropriate citations from your readings.

Technological Improvements that Lead to Greater Productivity / Reduced Costs

OTA, I would like to gain insight and perspective for better understanding. I have observed many industries that have gone through a technological change that has cost workers their jobs. OTA, in your own words, what are your thoughts about technological improvements that lead to greater productivity and reduced costs yet

International Management

Carroll's model of social responsibility includes the social responsibilities categories of _____________, ______________, and ______________ plus those at the discretion of the firm. a. consumerism; discrimination; environment b. ethical responsibilities; discrimination; legal responsibilities c. ethical responsibilities;

What Should I Do Next? Kim Allred

Answer, in 200-300 words, the three questions following this incident. What Should I Do Next? Kim Allred is relatively new as a supervisor, having been promoted only two months ago. Before her promotion, she had worked for the company for seven years as a sales specialist in office equipment. There is no doubt that she is