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International Business Management

International Management

Think of the ways that an idea of context could affect perceptions in cross-cultural interactions. For example, what role could it play in communication? What might be the effect in performance evaluation, in meetings, and for a firms' human resource practice as a whole?

Risk Crisis and Disaster Management

I have submitted my essay and it failed. I am studying MSc Risk Crisis and Disaster Management. I now need to submit a 4,000 word essay title "Disasters do not cause effects. Effects are what we call a disaster - Wolf Dombrowski. I need to discuss with reference to two specific disasters and have at least 12 references. I

High Technology, Incorporated: The International Benefits Problem

Answers to the below questions is required for the attached case reading. 1. What do you think of Jack Cooke's plan to alleviate the problem of unequal access to benefits by expatriates? If you were Jack, what would you proposed and how does your proposal differ from his?

Imaginary Crisis

Short of a terrorist attack or your company being bought up and all your employees laid off, imagine a crisis that might occur at your company (or a company you would like to be employed by). It could be tampering of a specific product, a major chemical spill, an employee death because of faulty machinery, or something else. D

Global Competition

How does global competition affect the decision-making process in an organization? Keep in mind, all organizations face global competition even if your company is not global. Explain your answer.

Internet has enhanced global trade

List ways of how the Internet has enhanced global trade and list the Internet challenges associated with global trade such as varying infrastructures, taxes, distribution, B2B, etc. Share with the class your observations.

For Your Comfort (FYC) knowledge management.

Corporate strategy essentially focuses on achieving the highest top line (profit), reducing the bottom line (expense), increasing margins, differentiating products to match the VoC (Voice of the Customer), and incorporating best practices such as lean manufacturing and zero inventory to gain competitive advantage. You want t

Subsidizing domestic agriculture

How does the decision for the U.S. to subsidize domestic agriculture/manufacturing affect global trade? (You could use the tariff on Canadian soft wood imports as a concrete example)

Global Analysis of Saudi Arabia

GLOBAL BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT OVERVIEW 1. Overview of Country: - Economic Statistics - Population - Religion - Trading Blocs - Political Environment - Legal Environment - Technological Environment - Corruption Perception Index - Any other information you feel relevant 2. Culture: - Influence on National

Crisis Management Plan Outline

My company is a toy company ( NPC). I have to write a crisis managment plan for a product recall plus two documents: a press release and another documents to the employees. I have never writen one and I honestly am stumbling over this. Please review the attached word doc for the criteria to follow.

Public Relations

What does proactive planning mean? When do you need a proactive crisis management plan? When do you utilize reactive crisis management? What role does PR play in reactive crisis management? What are some elements of a PR campaign? What is their relevance to a PR campaign?

Knowledge Management

Compare the two approaches to knowledge management and answer the following questions and/or address the following issues (See reference below): Did Frito-Lay and StepTwo (the consulting firm for the RTA case study) have the same definition or concept of knowledge management? Explain your answer. Compare and contrast th

Global Consideration Paper

The country is Cuba and the company is T-Mobile. We are bring cellular service to Cuba after Castro dies. Prepare a 600 word response in which you explain how you would address the following within the context of your selected country. a. Information Technology (IT) b. Research and Development (R&D)

Learning to develop a global perspective

Thoughts about "learning to develop a global perspective"? Should all firms be "learning organizations" because the global marketplace impacts every firm? and What kinds of things determine whether a firm should pursue a multinational vs. a global perspective? Can a firm somehow do both?

Global staffing policies

What are the major staffing policies that Global Organizations should consider? I know there at least three types of staffing policies according to my readings. They are: 1. Ethnocentric: All management positions are filled with employees from the parent company 2. Polycentric: Host country nationals are recruited t

Comprehensive Report on Global Staffing Strategies

You are the Director of Human Resources for a company whose revised strategy has resulted in the acquisition of another company in a foreign market. The CEO has asked you to prepare a comprehensive staffing strategy for the newly expanded company in preparation for a strategic audit of the HR systems in the acquired company.

Economic development

1. What strategies should we use to frame business problems? 2. How can economic development theories impact trade policy? 3. Can the politics of the host country governments intrude upon the business economic aspects of development? 4. Do you think that any given country can have a significant influence on market factors inf

Global Management and Business Leadership

Read the attached article which applies to the following question; The author states that there are four distinct areas that subsume the competencies for global management. Discuss and elaborate on the four broad areas.

Global Communications Strategy Documents Clients

You've started a company, one that translates software into many other languages, such as what Microsoft does. Assume that in the project that you have selected the task is to prepare the communication strategy. Prepare a communication strategy document for both internal and external clients. The internal strategy focuses

Global Pay

Analyzing special considerations in global pay systems. Describe how the following considerations impact global pay systems: 1) Compensation parity 2) Expatriate employees 3) Host country employees 4) Third country employees 5) Geographical pay differentials 6) Compensation for repatriated employees

Global Business

1. What are the political risks for the countries in Japan? How will my understanding of the cultures of these countries help (or hinder) me from understanding and responding appropriately to these risks? 2. How effectively should someone negotiate with his or her peers in other countries? What do he or she needs to do to be

Knowledge Management Software

Research the Internet for knowledge management software and briefly describe the functions of such software. Find at least two organizations that have a public customer service web site (for example, Microsoft's web site provides information related to operating system updates). Consider the following: · Compare and eva

Global Management

1. One of the biggest stumbling blocks in effective communication is that intercultural sensitivity is considered necessary only for the international division." What can organizations do to institutionalize intercultural sensitivity throughout the entire organization? What can organizations do to improve communication throughou