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    Evaluate how management handled the crisis

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    A report addressed to Toyota's senior management evaluating the way Toyota handled the crisis.

    I need facts, and structure of a report.

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    I can give you the facts and the website references. I will also give you a template for a report.




    There are lots of sites that comment or review the crisis.

    This would be the general structure of such a report.

    Toyota was recently forced to recall millions of cars because of a pedal module that caused the gas pedal to stick. This led to drivers being unable to control the vehicles and in turn, caused many accidents with property damage, injury and death.

    The issue was ongoing and Toyota seemingly ignored the needs of customers to fix the problem and to find different pedals for new cars. As a matter of fact, the first and continued public relations statement blamed the problem on floor mats. The investigators focused on the accelerators. The person who did finally appear and agree there would be a recall was a man important to the company, but not to the public. Deep regret, but not respect was the perception.

    So Toyota has a problem with ...

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    The solution evaluates how management handles the crisis.