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    Eight-Hour Window Theory

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    Do you personally subscribe to the eight-hour window theory? Why or why not?
    When a crisis happens, the books says you have an 8 hour window to get the information out about the crisis.

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    Crisis is anything that poses a threat to a person's or a company's image in the community or in the external environment. It may also be described as anything that adversely affects an organization's ability to perform the normal course of its business and the trust and confidence of its stakeholders to the extent that when ignored may result to the death of the company or the stoppage of its operations.

    How a crisis may be handled and how immediate it should be addressed depends on the type of crisis. One type of crisis is that in which a company does not have the control in terms of its occurrence. However, it may have been handled well if the company was prepared for it or the company has been proactive. Natural disasters are ...

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