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Crisis management

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Three essential requirements for managing the aftermath of a natural disaster are: a leader, a strategic platform for decision making, and a means to communicate. Identify a specific, famous natural disaster, and evaluate how the disaster was handled utilizing the three aforementioned requirements.

Do you believe the acts of the mayor of NYC and the actions of airline pilot Captain Sullenberger were important in mitigating the anxiety on these disasters?

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One famous disaster that hit the US was the Aldercrest Banyon landslide. This was a major slow-moving landslide in the east Kelso Washington neighborhood of Aldercrest beginning in early 1998 and continued up to 1999. This is the worst urban landslide in the history of the USA in terms of cost. The Aldercrest-Banyon landslide was the first disaster that the FEMA declared to be an official disaster area.

The ...

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