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Sandwich Blitz & International Franchises

A business group from another country has offered to purchase a franchise of Sandwich Blitz. Dalman and Lei are very interested and quite excited. A meeting has been arranged between Dalman, Lei, and three representatives from the business group to discuss the details of the proposed franchise. Dalman and Lei have agreed to travel to the business group's country for the meeting. They realize that this is a very important meeting because it involves networking with key individuals who will heavily influence the outcome of this attempt to expand the business.

For the purposes of this discussion, choose a country other than your own and answer the questions that follow. Feel free to refer to information outside of the text material regarding that country's culture and business practices. (Cite your outside sources.)

Prior to the meeting, what are some things that Dalman and Lei need to know about the other country and the business group so that they can establish a good rapport before, during, and after discussing the franchise details? Do greeting rituals and nonverbal behavior play a part in how Dalman and Lei network with the representatives? If so, in what ways?

Two Creditable reference sources (i.e. NOT WIkipedia, etc.)

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Prior to the meeting, Dalman and Lei need to be aware and study the other country's customs, cultures, and manners. Doing business with the Chinese involves learning new table manners as well. Dalman and Lei should "avoid waving or pointing chopsticks, putting them vertically in a rice bowl or tapping them on the bowl "(Stoller, 2007). These actions are considered rude. It is acceptable, however, to pick up the rice bowl. They should also make a ...

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This solution discusses a scenario in which Sandwich Blitz is interested in expanding internationally and explains some of the items Dalman and Lei should take into account about the other country as far as rituals, customs, and non verbal behavior. It includes references and examples.