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Sandwich Blitz more in need of in this situation

Jack and Jenny have decided to meet a venture capital group in New York to discuss the possibility of internal expansion of Sandwich Blitz, Inc., and to find out if acceptable financing can be arranged. Jack has always been the one who could voice the Sandwich Blitz vision. He has usually been the visible â??voiceâ? for the company while Jenny has usually worked behind the scenes to handle financial matters. They are both worried in this situation. Jack is afraid that he lacks the financial background to satisfy these financiers. Jenny is afraid that she might not have the marketing skills needed to convince this group of the unique capabilities of Sandwich Blitz.

In your judgment, what is Sandwich Blitz more in need of in this situation: a manager or a leader?
What is the difference between the two? How would you resolve this dilemma if you were Jack or Jenny?

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This case needs leaders. While being a manager is good, being a leader with the potential for vision and enthusiasm enough to allow the investors to follow their dream. While it would be good for both to know all the aspects of the company, in ...

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