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    Creating a new position between the CEO

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    Jack and Jenny have discussed two possible avenues to grow and expand Sandwich
    Blitz, Inc.
    One possible strategy would be to franchise locations and another would be to secure
    venture capital to finance an internal expansion by opening more company-owned
    Jack feels that he just doesn't have time to investigate these options because he is
    spending an increasing amount of his time assisting the location managers.
    Jenny noted that two of the location managers had exhibited much skill in the
    management of their locations and perhaps a new position could be added to
    coordinate with the location managers, thus freeing Jack to work on these larger
    under the section on authority, please respond to the following questions:

    1. How would creating a new position between the CEO and the location managers
    help the business to grow?
    2. Is promoting an existing manager the best place to fill this position? If not, what is
    an alternative source to fill the position?
    3. Who within the company should make these decisions?
    4. List the levels of authority (management) that Sandwich Blitz, Inc. would have if
    the new position is created.

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    Growing an operation takes a different set of skills than managing an operation. one of the main skills necessary in growing an operation is vision and an overall action plan. However, the managing and operating of the day to day tasks of a business are more procedural and task oriented. There is a definite need for Jack to free himself from the day to day operations to focus on meeting venture capitalists or put the plans into action to add new franchise locations.

    A new position such as Vice President/ regional manager would be an appropriate solution to the need for Jack to have the freedom to grow the company and still provide ongoing support to the current location managers. This position would then grow in importance as more locations were ...

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