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Roles of individuals and groups in health care organizations

You are Doc Vinny. You have been speaking with Dr. Montenegro about his resignation and your potential advancement to his position. Dr. Montenegro has just offered you the job as chairman of the board of Vitruvian, Inc. and CEO of Vitruvian Physician Partners (VPP). You must now formulate your plans for transforming the organizations' infrastructures using cutting edge technology systems. Your plans must include a determination of how you plan to provide all the products and services currently offered by the organizations.

Discuss the impact to VPP's organizational culture with you as the new CEO.
Describe how your role will function given your plans for the future and how the organization's culture will change.
Discuss how you will work with the CFO to utilize the CFO as the bridge between the old and new regimes.

Include as part of your discussion comments on other postings where you particularly agree or disagree with points made in that posting.

Objective: Describe the roles of individuals and groups in health care organizations, as well as the development, maintenance, and impact of organizational culture.

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// In this paper by assuming the role of CEO of Vitruvian physician partners we will discuss the impact of new CEO in the organization culture. In order to proceed with the paper like this first we will throw light upon the various expected changes due to the new plan of infrastructure development and the technology advancement in the system.//

The position of CEO in the organization brings out greater challenges related to the roles and responsibility of an executive. The organizational culture is largely influenced by the personality of the CEO as the performance of the organization is directly related to the role of the CEO. The Vitruvian physician partners is a health care organization and after coming in charge of the position of CEO there are various changes are experienced due to the new transformed plan in the infrastructure development. The organization culture is made up of shared belief, assumption and norm of behavior within groups. The focus would be on providing simple cost cutting measure, clear and transparent communication system, greater ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 690 words with references.