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Nursing Leadership In Healthcare

The uniting factor of nurses internationally is the desire to deliver care to maximize health of individuals, families, and communities.

-Describe the roles of nurses both in the United States and Internationally in delivery of evidence based care, policy development, and professional advocacy

-Identifiy the impact of masterĂ¢??s prepared nurses in the globalization of health care and nursing roles

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The roles of nurses in the United States and internationally, are changing along with the changing scope of health care needs around the world. Nurses have always played an important part in the overall health care paradigm, but due to changing circumstances nurses are playing increasingly important roles as leaders in today's health care systems.

In the delivery of evidence-based health care, nurses are playing a growing role in the improvement of the quality of care that patients are receiving. The improvement in the quality of health care is a growing concern of many health care institutions such as hospitals and clinics, and nurses are on the front line in regards ...