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    Global relocation specialist to advise employees for expectations

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    Assume that you are a relocation specialist who must advise a global manager and his or her family on what to expect when they go to JAPAN.

    Specialists in relocation have determined that global managers and their families should seek satisfactory answers to at least these ten questions before undertaking an international assignment.

    Please write a paper that answers the following questions in essay form.

    1) How will living in that foreign country affect this family, both as a group and individually?

    2) What adjustment problems will the adults and children likely have, and will they be able to cope with them?

    3) What assistance is likely to be available to help them get started in the new country and strange environment?

    4) Will family be safe, what security precautions are essential?

    5) Will the family be affected by anti-Americanism? If so, what strategies should them be employed as citizen ambassadors?

    6) How will the children attend school and what type of education is available to them?

    7) Is it likely that the spouse will be able to work in the foreign country too? If not, what are the alternatives for the other's career?

    8) What about the family's healthcare situation in that country? Are adequate or comparable services available? Please describe.

    9) What will be the culture shock to the family when going to that foreign country and how will it impact their lives?

    10) What are the best, basic preparations that can be made to ensure success in this international assignment for this family?

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    Global relocation is among the issues that affect many families that choose to relocate from one country to another. This paper answers some of the questions commonly asked when a person wants to relocate to another country. In specific it addresses issues that a global manager should know when relocating to work in Japan by answering frequently asked issues

    Global relocation

    Relocating their family to Japan will affect the family in a variety of ways. The cultural shock will make the members of the family be able to look for ways of better understanding the Japanese society or may leave them feeling home sick. The children will have to attend schooling system that is different from the one in America and they have learned the Japanese language in order to make friends. The houses in Japan are different from the ones in the US with different architectural designs, the family would therefore have to adjust not only to their environment and where they live but will also have to adjust new neighbors and systems (Norton & Shibushawa, 1989).

    Some of the adjustment problems that families moving to Japan face are language barriers and a drastic change in the culture of the people. Adults often face the challenges of adjusting to the expatriate community, adjusting to tax policies in Japan, property ownership. They can though cope with these issues by joining a social support group of other persons who have relocated and faced similar issues. They can also quicken their knowledge of Japanese language by interacting with the locals. Children specifically face adjustment problems when it comes to a new environment or leaving behind their friends. Adjusting to a new school with a totally different culture and language can be stressful to children, especially if it is hard for them to make friends easily. Emotional support can though be provided by the parents in order to get through the phase. Giving the children familiar items like toys, photographs or event their favorite food can help them cope with the changes. Parents and children can also find fun ways to learn Japanese together and explore their new environment.

    Some of the assistance that is available to those moving to Japan in order to cope with the strange environment includes the Tokyo English Life Line (TELL) which provides free advice on any matter such as legal issues, housing, referrals for medical services. This service program is essentially helps new movers to Japan be able to cope with issues that they do not understand in the new environment (Norton & Shibushawa, 1989). The ...

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    The global relocation specialists to advise employees for expectations in Japan are examined. How living in a foreign country affects the family as an individual and a group is determined.