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Internal Memo

Bad News Message. Write a document to deliver bad news to a large internal or external audience. Examples of bad news are: an impending reduction in staff, a price increase, a delay in shipping that will have a negative impact, a product that is defective or the relocation of the company's headquarters.

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Internal Memo - Staff Reduction

Global Systems Ltd. enjoys a strong, favorable image in the minds of the stakeholders for their quality products and innovative practices but currently is facing intensive competition from Asian organizations. Moreover there are external environmental factors which are putting pressure on our cost and we are foreseeing increase in costs due to inflationary expectations. The most recent high oil prices (Bloomberg), the weaker dollar (x-rates), are contributing to raise expectations for inflation. An expected decrease in the rate of increase in labor productivity is another factor that it contributing to higher inflation expectations.

Thus in order to compete with the global economy and at the same time offer the customers a competitive price, we will be moving some of the ...

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This gives an example of writing an internal memo in the organization.