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    Instant Communication: The Good and The Bad

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    Information can travel across the world (or across your organization) in a matter of seconds. How does the speed and ease of communication make for more effective communication? How does the speed and ease of communicating pose a challenge for quality communication?

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    The speed and ease of communication can make for effective communication for the organization when there is vital information for all employees to know immediately. For example, a policy change, organizational change such as a new product or service, even a new locale, would be the type of news the organization wants it employees to know quickly - rather than waiting to publish a formal letter that is mailed to all workers. Email systems and even he use of intranets accessible only by employees are great venues to ...

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    This solution is over 300 words and includes a reference. It thoroughly discusses how instant communications within the workplace comes with both good and bad consequences. Organizations find through email and even intranet usage, they can quickly convey a message to all employees, regardless of work location and even work hours. There is good to this, employees can be advised of policy changes or new product launches immediately. But this can also be bad in that emails meant for "internal" use can easily be sent "outside" the company.