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English grammar case study

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Read: "99.9% of Proper Grammar is Obsolete" by David Wertheimer (from Digital Web Magazine).

The case assignment asks you to read and identify claims made by the author. The idea is for you to practice finding claims or arguments that the author makes. To prepare yourself to make your own claims, it is imperative to experience reading how authors make their claims. Likewise, you want to use third person throughout the response. In other words, you want to serve as a reporter of the information in the article. Pretend you are working for a news station and just reporting what the article says. Consider reviewing, paraphrasing and summarizing the reading material. When writing research, you will want to show that you are unbiased in your explanations of sources. Using third person can increase your ethos (ethical credibility) and show audiences that you have done your homework (your research) on the topic. To practice citing in APA style, please provide a reference list that contains the article you have read (cite parenthetically in the text and include the article on a reference list using APA format).

- Read the essay thoroughly.
- Write two-three pages that identifies and expresses the claims made by the author.
- Use the additional readings to learn about summarizing and paraphrasing.
- Use third person writing throughout.
- Cite the article in a reference list (you will only have one article on your reference list).

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Start with an introductory paragraph that addresses the key points brought up by the author.

In this article, the author uses sarcasm and wit to address the deplorable grammar used in instant messaging and text messaging, in today's culture. He claims that speed is more important than good grammar and that a quick sound bite is more desirable than a profound paragraph. The author divides his essay into three main parts. First he addresses that technological advances have encouraged the abandonment of good grammar. Secondly, he describes the disease of quick, but sloppy writing. Finally, he offers his own version of a cure for this disease.

Discuss each of the author's main points.

The ...

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This solution examines a case study regarding the English language. A claim is made that 99% of English grammar is obsolete. The primary goal was to identify claims by the author and determine whether they are biased or unbiased. Over 400 words of original text along with the original article that is used in the case study.

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