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What is Grammar and Leaner's Grammar

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What is Grammar? The Learner's grammar? The Linguist's Grammar? The Teacher's Grammar?

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The expert determines what is Grammer and Leaner's Grammar.

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The grammar of a language is an account of the language as it is. In a sense, such an account would be a description of the conventions used by the native speakers of the language. The grammar of a language should tell us the principles of sentence- construction in that language.

Depending upon the purpose for which a grammar is written, it is possible to envisage three kinds of grammar: the learner's grammar, the linguist's grammar, and the teacher's grammar.

1. THE LEARNER'S GRAMMAR: The purpose of a learner's grammar is to teach the learner of a language how to use the language correctly. Obviously, such a grammar is written for those who do not have the necessary command of the language. A learner's grammar should enumerate the facts of the ...

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