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    Instant Messaging

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    SQ1: Is using instant messaging more or less effective than sending email and why? Are there circumstances when one must be utilized over the other? How might instant messaging hinder the productivity of an employee? Explain your answer.

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    The instant messaging is very good in terms of collaboration between people working together because it is easy to use and responses from the participants are received fast and quick. It is effective when team members agree to meet, asks their questions quick and get snappy responses in the process. It is also an effective way to ask questions from employees from other departments as one doesn't need to get out from his or her place to talk to someone. The telephone or interphone is also effective in this way but sometimes some information and details need to be sent in text. Instant messages arrive at real-time and are easily read as compared to email that ...

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    The effectiveness of instant messaging over the e-mail is examined. The solution is 425 words with two references.