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Expatriates: Preparing Employees for International Jobs

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What steps should a company take to prepare employees for international assignments to help them succeed, and should the company also include spouses and family members in preparation for international assignments?
Why or why not?

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Organizations should have a multi-faceted plan in preparing employees for international assignments. The first phase should involve an in-depth meeting with the employee, to ensure a clear understanding of the assignment (expectations, timelines, how they will communicate with the home-base locale of the company, changes in pay and/or benefits and ...

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This solution is over 200 words and provides several practical recommendations of how to prepare an employee, and even their family, for an international job assignment.

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o Using the information from your text and the organization's Web site, determine how the following factors assist in deciding the optimal mix of home and host country employees in the organization:

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 The length of the assignment
 The host and home country recruitment and selection practices
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