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Expatriates and Different Approaches to International Staffing

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India and the United Kingdom

Please provide a list of advantages and disadvantages of hiring expatriate employees from outside your firm rather than transferring existing employees to expatriate positions.

Cultural training for expatriates

List as many different approaches to international staffing that you know. Provide reasons why you might find the ethnocentric method to be an advantage for your firm?

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Advantages of hiring expatriates

They know the language
They know slang/jargon of fellow employees
They know customs of country the company came from
They know more than the recently transferred ones do about new host country's customs, cultures, mores and traditions
Because of the above mentioned information they can act as a liaison between England and India

Disadvantage of hiring expatriates

May have forgotten some of host country's traditions and mores/norms
May not be ...

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Expatriates and different approaches to international staffing is examined. The different approaches to international staffing is determined.