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    What is the role of inpatriates? Do Inpatriates guarantee a geocentric staffing policy?

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    Role of Inpatriates
    In today's environment,
    inpatriates plays an important role in the internationalization strategies of MNC and they can be used alternatively to expatriates. Inpatriates are the managerial executives, who are working abroad on semi-permanent and permanent basis. These people are relocated to headquarter of parent company for a specified time period. Inpatriates can act as an agent for the direct control of different activities in both the companies. Inpatriates is the network builder, who is responsible to create effective communication between both headquarter and subsidiary. They are the network builder, who analyze the working of both companies and build effective network in order to complete the assignment properly.

    With the help of inpatriates, international businesses can be able to complete the international assignment effectively. In addition to this inpatriates also act as language node for the companies. Through inpatriates, companies can be able to understand the working environment (Stahl & Björkman, 2006). Moreover, subsidiary firms can also be able to analyze the working of headquarters. Inpatriates also act as the change agent for the subsidiary firm. After analyzing the ...

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    IHRM roles of inpatriates are examined. Whether inpatriates guarantee a geocentric staffing policy is determined.