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    Success of Overseas Relocations

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    Please address the following questions "What factors impact the success of overseas relocations?" Please to try answer the following questions in your response:

    1. What percentages of oversea relocations are successful.
    2. Does the type of business impact the successful of the relocation.
    3. Does hiring local staff have more favorable results for the U.S. Corporation overseas.
    4. How does effective communication and technology impact successful relocation of the U.S. Corporation overseas?

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    The United States of America (USA) has an area of 9.63 million sq km and a population of 290 million. The Capital City is Washington DC (pop: 607,000). The ethnic demographic of the USA is Caucasian (71%), African American (12%), Latino (12%), Asian (4%), Native American (0.9%). Although the dominant languages are English and Spanish, Castilian and Native American languages are also spoken. The religious make up of the USA is Protestant (56%), Roman Catholic (28%), Jewish (2%)and Muslim (1%) The government is a constitution-based federal republic and the Head of State is President George W Bush. GDP: US$10.45 trillion GDP per capita: US$36,300 Inflation: 2.2% Major Industries: Oil, electronics, computers, automobile manufacturing, aerospace industries, agriculture, telecommunications, chemicals, mining, processing and packaging Major Trading Partners: Canada, Japan, Mexico, the EU. http://www.eura-relocation.com/bongo.pl/eura.companies/?country=USA

    Please address the following questions, "What factors impact the success of overseas relocations?"

    "Overseas relocation" is the movement of work from within the U.S. to locations outside of the U.S. "Overseas relocation" can occur within the same company and involve movement of work to a different location of that company outside of the U.S., or to a different company altogether. http://www.bls.gov/news.release/reloc.tn.htm

    1. What percentages of oversea relocations are successful?

    After an extensive on-line search, unfortunately, I could not locate any information or statistics concerning the percentage of successful relocations.

    2. Does the type of business impact the successful of the relocation?

    The type of business impacts the success of the relocation mostly through the matching of the type of company with the needs of the customer and the laws regulating the different types of business in the country of ...

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