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    International Business Management

    Expanding a fashion retail business into China

    How should the firm go about putting the plan to work? Does the product need tone adapted to the foreign market? How is the product to be introduced? Priced? Promoted? What does the foreign market entry budget look like? How about the rest of the financial plan? Can the firm do it alone? Does it need a partner?

    Total Quality and Customer Satisfaction

    Think about the customer expectations for your current employer (or a company you are familiar with) and a different international organization in an industry or field where you might like to be employed. How well do the two organizations meet their customers' needs? To what extent are total quality processes employed? Do you

    Denationalization of Coffee

    Understanding that denationalization is the process of national boundaries becoming less relevant; research a real product, and explain how it is a product of denationalization, whereby markets are global and cutting across country borders, including the following: How marketing costs are lower and show new market opportuniti

    Japan- Ethical system and SWOT

    I need help writing an essay on the analysis of the country, Japan. I am supposed to write at least four pages, but am absolutely stuck on the subject with no idea as to how to begin. I particularly need assistance with gathering information regarding Japan's ethical system and developing a SWOT analysis. I have attached an exam

    Just In Time, Lean, MRP

    Identify and discuss some of the main elements of lean thinking and just-in-time. How can these concepts be used for effective planning and control of an operation? How are these two concepts (lean thinking and just-in-time) different from the materials requirements planning (MRP) system? How can these differences be overc

    Carrefour: Case analysis

    Please do a quick assessment of this case and let me know what recommendation you may suggest that would help Carrefour regain their focus in their domestic market and continue to grow internationally. 2-3 paragraphs is fine. I need this soon. Thanks!

    Lean concepts and techniques, DWP construction

    1. Think of your current employer (or a company you are familiar with) in terms of lean operations 2. List and evaluate the types of lean techniques and concepts that are currently being employed by this company 3. Do you feel that this company is successfully implementing these lean operations concepts? If so, why? If not, wh

    Point-Counterpoint Business Discussion

    Point-Counterpoint Please provide a few sentences for each questions and also references: - "Is Off-shoring a Good Strategy?" - "Does International Business Lead to Cultural Imperialism?" - "Proactive Political Risk Management: The Best Approach" - "Growth: Positive and Productive" - "Are Top Managers Responsible W

    Regional Trade Blocs the Impact a County's Decisions

    Please help answer the following questions: What are regional trading blocs? What are the three largest regional trading blocs? What countries are member of each bloc? What are differences and similarities among these three regional trading blocs?

    Global terrorism and MNCs

    What are some of the strategies companies employ to manage risks of terrorism? Imagine that you work for a MNC that faces terrorism risks. How would you apply those strategies to minimize the risks?

    Locating Facilities: Factors

    Bit Technology Inc. is a new firm and they are deciding where to locate its facilities. As a high-tech manufacturing firm: 1. What factors should be taken into consideration in making this decision? 2. Does the fact that it is international corporation affect the types of factors one should consider? 3. Which location would

    Tyco Case Study: Sales Tax Evasion and Ethics

    Please refer to the attached document for the 'Tyco: I'm Sure That It's a Really Nice Shower Curtain' case study. This was a summary regarding Tyco's CEO Kozlowski legal issues. What was his motivation for trying to avoid paying sales tax on the art work he purchased? It is an overview of the legal issues that sent the CEO t

    Product Marketing in the Global Marketplace

    Globalization is transforming the way some products are marketed internationally. Some companies implement a global strategy that uses similar promotional messages and themes to market the same product around the world. Those companies can reduce production and marketing costs by standardizing the physical features of their prod

    International Business Operations Management

    1. What factors have contributed to the importance of international markets on Operations Management? 2. In what areas have these factors impacted Operations Management? 3. Think of a company or a product. How would you determine the demand for this product? 4. Choose a different product. Would the way you determine the deman

    International Staffing Strategies

    "Cultural assimilation teaches the culture's values, attitudes, manners, and customs. So-called guerrilla linguistics, which involves learning some phrases in the local language, is often used at this stage. It also typically includes role-play exercises where the trainee responds to a specific situation to be evaluated by a tea

    Dynamics of the Global Economy

    The product or communications adaption (dual adaption) promotional strategy adapts both the product and its marketing communication to suit the target market. The product itself is adapted to match the needs or preferences of local buyers. The promotional message is adapted to explain how the product meets those needs and prefer

    Executing Strategy with Global Virtual Teams - Case Study

    Using the “Managing a Global Team: Greg James at Sun Microsystems, Inc. (A)” (Harvard Business School case, no. 9-409-003) by Tsedal Neeley and Thomas J. Delong I need help coming up with answers to these questions: 1. How well has James managed his global team? 2. Who is responsible for the HS Holding crisis? 3. What r

    Global Benefits Comparison

    POWER POINT SLIDE PRESENTATION. Select three (3) countries of your choice and conduct research into how the compensation & benefits packages of those countries differ from those of the United States. What might they do better? What might we do better? Discuss health insurance benefits, salary, paid time off, and other difference

    Business Market Entry in Global Markets

    While traveling to Singapore on a vacation, you meet Ms. Jenny Chang, an Asian business executive, in the plane. She is happy to learn that you are the international business development consultant for a multinational company. She becomes interested in your expertise and asks you to work as her company's consultant for a project

    Profit Maximization and Social Responsibility in a Company

    How is the global economy becoming more integrated. (focus on China, NAFTA, & European Union) Build a case for the convergence of profit maximization and corporate social responsibility. Define/Explain moral awareness, moral judgment, and moral character in regards to ethical decisions.

    Interpret the implication of unethical behavior

    Interpret the implication of unethical behavior and address the following like addressing students: 1. Brief historical summary on the individual or organization 2. Unethical behavior/event examined 3. Reflection on ethical standards 4. Influence of leadership 5. Social responsibility response(both actual and appropriate)

    Guidance on International Business

    1. What are the approaches international managers seek to understand when instituting change in the international arena? 2. What is culture shock and how does it affect international business? 3. What are the differences between common law, civil law, customary law, and theocratic law?

    A Prime on Sarbanes-Oxley

    I would appreciate your expert advice how to respond to the following:" Assess the effectiveness of Sox legation: 1) Brief historical summary on Sox enactment 2) The key ethical components of the Sox 3) Social responsibility implications regarding mandatory publication of corporate ethics. 4) One of the main criticisms of

    International Business

    The Asian Development Bank (ADB), owned by its 67 members whose primary goal is poverty reduction, makes its loans to SDR own a multilateral development bank. As of September 2010, these loans totaled $44.3 billion, with the largest borrowers being China, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, and the Phillipines. The ADb covers the exposu

    Globalization and the Manager

    Globalization is neither all good nor all bad, what actions will you take personally to help shape this trend? Respond as a manager.

    Subprime Loans:The under-the-Radar loans that felled a market

    I would appreciate your expertise on how to set up a blog. The title will be "Main Task: Interpret Ethical Issues with Subprime Loans" It will do the following: 1) Summarize the concept of subprime loans and the risk they pose to the lender and borrower. 2) Critique the role of leadership decision-making on the subprime lo