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Merits of China emphasizing coal in electric generation planning

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Consider the relative merits of China emphasizing coal in their electric generation planning:
1. Are there better options for them? Why or why not?
2. Could China rely exclusively on coal for power generation? Why or why not?

Please need references.

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You were asked to consider the merits of China emphasizing coal in their electric generation planning?

The first half of your question asked "Are there better options for them? Why or why not?"
China does have some better options and they appear to be pursuing them. Kroh (2014) stated that China is very good at building things and could easily upgrade their grid and push toward renewable energy sources such as wind and solar. China has the space and land to make both work, in fact the Chinese investment in renewable energy the past few years exceeds any other country. Another viable option is nuclear which allows a clean option for China to move forward, though after the Fukishima disaster in Japan development has slowed in this area, and you can question whether or not this is truly a better option (Kroh, 2014). I think the heart of the question though is really on the strategic standpoint of relying so ...

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This write-up describes Chinese dependence on coal for electricity generation. It discusses different options and whether or not those options are better. The discussion also goes into looking at whether or not China should rely exclusively on Coal for power generation. The write-up includes three references.

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