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General Electric acquisitions

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Please help with summarizing:

1. Key information about GE's two recent acquisitions.

2. The organization's rationale for acquisitions (the logic by GE in justifying the acquisition? appropriate examples.)
3. Which of the sources of integration difficulties seem to be of concern in this acquisition?
4. Summarized key take-aways from the study of GE's acquisitions.

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//Acquisition is referred as a corporate action in which the organization targets the ownership of any other company to make an effective control over the target market. Through this paper, two recent acquisitions of General Electric can be analyzed that are discussed in the below section//.

1. Two Recent Acquisitions of General Electric
The process of acquisition takes place when one firm takes over the other firm completely and the new firm takes over the charge of the old firm to expand their business operations in the competitive environment (Gaughan, 2007). General Electric (GE) is the multinational conglomerate company of the US and provides services in the field of power and water, oil and gas, healthcare, aviation and transportation management.
General Electric acquired the oilfield pump maker Lufkin Industries at $2.98 billion in the month of April 2013. In April 2014, the company also acquired the global power division of French engineering group Alstom in $13 billion to expand their operations more successfully in the business market. Alstom is a multinational corporation in France that runs its business operations in the field of electricity generation and rail transport markets (Gaughan, 2007). Through the acquisition of Alstom, General Electric has succeeded its German rivals, and attained the excellence in the global competition for all the energy sectors of the world. The anti-trust approval was acquired by General Electric for takeover over Lufkin Industries to extract the oil and natural gas ...

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The examines provides the key information about GE's two recent acquisitions. The organization's rationale for acquisitions is provided. The response addresses the queries posted in 948 words with references.