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Global Challenges and their affect on Companies' Environmental Policies

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Company Environment Policy
Issues of global warming, emission of CO2 gases, and corporate social responsibility are receiving increasing attention from interest groups, legal and governmental establishments, and the media.

Research and write a comparison and contrast report examining the "green" policies of General Electric (GE), Florida Power and Light Company (FPL) and two other companies. Visit the companies' web sites and review sections that describe its environmental policies.

Also, review the environmental activities' section in the 10-K public annual reports.

In the report, be sure to include answers to the following questions:
1. What percentage of the companies had an environmental policy?
2. What surprises did you find?
3/ Why do some companies choose to become involved in industrial ecology while others do not?

The paper must also discuss managing interdependence between host and home countries, social responsibility and ethics.

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The solution discusses global challenges and companies' environmental policies.

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This research focuses on corporate responsibility and a comparison and contrast of environmental policies for the following companies; General Electric (GE), Florida Power and Light (FPL) , Boeing, and Waste Management. Each companies policies and programs will be evaluated and compared to get a good overview of how well each company is performing its role as a corporate citizen.

General Electric (GE)
According to the company's environmental policy, GE is a "diversified global infrastructure built to meet the essential needs of the world". The company is a world leader in energy, water, transportation, and health care technologies (GE [CSR], 2012).

GE explains in detail in its company website the importance of identifying ways to help improve our planets global challenges caused by an increasingly growing population. Many of the challenges that GE is taking on is using its technology and engineering expertise to help reduce the environmental impacts of fossil fuels, help identify better ways to ensure clean water exists, and help to design better energy systems capable of giving clean and consistent electricity and provide power everyone across the globe (GE [CSR], 2012).

GE understands it has a responsibility to use its vast resources to help build a better planet. In addition, the company prides itself on setting the bar very high in trying to reduce its own global footprint and impact its manufacturing processes has on the world by placing a huge emphasis on developing new and innovative solutions to help meet today's global challenges (Marshall, 2010). GE is known throughout the world as a pioneer in offering creative and innovative solutions to many of the globes environmental challenges through its numerous valuable products it creates (Marshall, 2010).

Some key examples of the success GE has had in reducing its impact on the environment as well as being a good corporate citizen can be found in its 10K report from 2011. In its GE citizenship section some of the major achievements for the company include, reducing green house gases by 29%. GE increased its wind turbine base from 24,500 MW to 27,200 MW which provides enough power to provide service to 6.6 million homes annually (GE [IR], 2012).

In addition, GE has reduced its use of freshwater in its processes by 35% since 2006 and has trained over 3000 employees to specifically identify and quantify new opportunities for energy reduction (GE [IR], 2012).

Florida Power and Light Company (FPL)
FPL has become one of the largest electric utility companies in the state of Florida and one of the largest rate-regulated utilities in the United States- serving approximately 4.5 million customer accounts in Florida and a leading employer in the state with more than 10,000 employees (FPL Company Profile, 2012).

According to their website, FPL is highly committed to helping the citizens of the state of Florida realize the importance of being environmentally aware and has identified some major issues that it focuses on for green awareness technology and environmental improvements. These critical aspects that FPL works diligently to focus on are;
- Protecting the environment, including a strong initiative on the protection of Florida's wetlands and wildlife through the companies Everglades mitigation bank program.
- Reducing impacts to the environment through education and alternative energy use methods that are environmentally friendly.
- Implement efficiency in homes and businesses by helping consumers identify different methods that can be used to help reduce the amount of energy required which lowers their costs but also reduces their overall impact through less consumption .
- Alternative energy and recycling is where FPL is placing a major emphasis for its long term success. Through the implementation and use of wind, solar, and some nuclear applications, FPL is working hard at identifying cleaner and cheaper methods of providing energy to its customers (FPL Environmental Commitment, 2012).

In addition to focusing on these key initiatives, FPL has also ...

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