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Current Global Business Situation & Effect on U.S. Economy and Business

In light of all the global changes, struggles and current economic issues (e.g., inflation, bailouts, etc), what are your thoughts about the global business situation and what effect do you believe it has on the current and future US economy and business?

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Global Business Situation
Today global world is experiencing major changes in different aspects, as well as various economic issues and struggles. The key changes have been evolving at present are increasing global power of emerging markets, transformation in this global workforce due to the demographic shifts, creation of s smart mobile world due to rapid technology innovation, government increasing ties with the private sector, global banking seeking to recover through transformations etc. (Heyzer & Mochida, 2009). All these changes have been taking place are due to the key drivers that are demographic shifts, reshaped global power structure, and disruptive innovation. All these driving forces are making massive effects on business and society (Nanto, 2009).
At present, the world is more at risk due to continued economic weaknesses, which exhausts different countries' abilities to handle environmental challenges. Today with increasing global interdependence, it has become difficult for specific countries' economies to survive in the long run as global changes and trends keep affecting economies and their currency (Moseley, 2009). Today, countries struggle to deal with number of common and economic issues such as economic imbalances, social inequality risk, wealth gaps, unsustainable government debt, financial crisis, environmental challenges, increasing greenhouse gases etc. To deal with all these issues, every country is undertaking ...

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The current global business situations and effects on the United States economy.