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Current Global Environment & Effect on Business

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In light of all the changes, struggles and current economy, what are your thoughts about the global environment and what effect do you believe it has on the current and future US economy and business?

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When we discuss the global or domestic environment, one of the main issues is that we always have to look to the future. The environment, in any state, is always a "what is this continues, what will the lasting result be," type of issue. When we release emissions into the air, while the effects are not always immediately apparent, those same emissions, released on a daily basis in several different countries across the globe, will have a lasting impact. We are already seeing proof of this impact by the diminished quality of air, as measured in various countries, including the United States. President Obama has essentially joined into a fight across the globe that aims at improving the global environment. Currently, we're in a situation where rain forests across the globe are disappearing, land has been turned into commercial use at a faster rate than any time in history (both domestic and international), and the quality of air is degrading in the countries where factories have continued to expand (China ranks #1 on the air pollution list). The U.S. has taken initiatives, through the President and also through the work of agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), to improve domestic conditions. This directly affects the global condition, as the two always go hand-in-hand, in all countries.

From a current standpoint, the effect is uncertain. This is mainly the cause of policies that are in various stages. Businesses are unsure of where to invest and where to refrain from investing. As with the coal initiative that was just discussed this past week, if these ...

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This solution thoroughly discusses the effect that the global environment has on the current and future levels of business in the U.S. The current situation and the future situation are addressed separately, and then brought together in a comprehensive discussion.

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