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Principles of Global Compact

Various organizations, communities, and countries around the world have different value systems. With such a diverse collection of values, communication and diplomacy become challenging for executives and organizational leaders. Not only is communication challenging, implementing organizational policies becomes difficult within internationally integrated organizations. To work toward common ground among diverse groups, the United Nations established a Global Compact.

Refer to the Principles of the Global Compact and consider the following questions for this discussion:
What is the most important principle to you and why?
What is the least important principle to you and why?

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Global Compact (Focus)
Global Compact is an organization on a mission of assisting with various improvements all around the world. The United Nations created partnerships with companies in an effort to help maintain focus on ethical, social, and environmental responsibilities while conducting international business. Participating international companies were asked to support a core value system of ethical conduct in the areas of humanitarianism, environmentalism, and anti-corruption.

Global Compact (Value System)
Ten created principles are the foundational ground work and mutually embraced value system for the participating businesses. The first six principles cover the humanitarian aspects. The next three are environmental values and the last one deal with anti-corruption morals. The first two principles basically states that companies must respect human freedoms and not abuse human rights. The next four ...

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