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Purchase Options: Domestic Vs. Foreign

When considering a $500 American made lawnmower which is $100 more than the same (assume it is identical in features, basic performance, and design) foreign made mower. If suspected that the price difference, among other things, is due to domestic regulations that drive up the price of the mower. Which do you purchase? What are some of the issues that you consider prior to making your choice?

Do you think that the responsibilities placed on organizations by the United Nations Global compact should be assigned to local governments instead? Justify the response by outlining the appropriate legal and ethical considerations.

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The consumer is always in charge of the market. If you, as the buyer of the lawnmower, has a limited economy, and if all the features, advantages and benefits of the lawnmowers are the same, then you do not purchase the American lawnmower, but instead purchase the one that is most consistent with your budget. Domestic regulations are external environment forces that are out of ...

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The purchase options for domestic versus foreign markets.