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    Intercultural Business Management and Ethics

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    This task is to explore and compare the influences of culture (religion, language, etc.) in conducting business in at least two of the following cultures: India, the Middle East, and Africa.

    Step 1: Research and find 2-4 articles related to the influence of culture on doing business in India, the Middle East, and/or Africa.
    Step 2: Read and document the articles, and write a short summary of each article. Ensure that you include citations in your report. Using what you have learned in your research, compare and contrast the influences of culture on the two regions of your choosing.

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    Business Management and Ethics: An Islamic Approach Author: Maishanu, M. M.; Dutsin-ma, Ahmad Maigari Author Affiliation: Usmanu Danfodiya U Sokoto; Usmanu Danfodiya U Sokoto Source: Business Review, July-December 2012, v. 7, iss. 2, pp. 113-18
    Chindia: Does Culture Matter in Hindu and Confucian Economies? Author: Green, Leah; Mendis, Patrick Author Affiliation: Norwich U; Osgood Center for International Studies and Johns Hopkins U, Washington, DC Source: Global Economic Review, December 2008, v. 37, iss. 4, pp. 429-45
    Relationships & Communication/ Africa (Morocco)

    In the Northern African country of Morocco, it is imperative for business leaders to understand the relationship between business and Islam as this Northern African country is an Islamic nation. Therefore, many business practices and management are aligned with the ethics of Islam, and in regard to who Moroccans do business with they choose to do business with people they know and respect. This necessitates building relationships that must display a personal aspect so that the Moroccan can evaluate the personal laurels of you as a businessman.

    Tauhid (oneness and uniqueness of Allah) and ukhuwah (brotherhood) are regarded as the main guiding concepts or precepts behind activities which a Muslim undertakes and should guide business activities and behavior of businessmen. Sharia guides ethical issues in business activities such as indulging in interest-related activities, leadership (management) based on ignorance, dishonesty, profiteering, bribery, etc. and their ...

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