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Need assistance in providing information and references about CISCO SYSTEMS.

Looking at addressing the company structure, and best practices the company implements to overcome language barriers, increase intercultural awareness, build intercultural relationships, and deliver messages to its intercultural audiences.

Provide examples that illustrate how intercultural communication has contributed to the company's success.

Describe how you think changes or strategic decisions are being communicated to stakeholders in diverse parts of the world. Who do you think would be communicating changes or decisions in the global business environment?

Cite your references, APA style.

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The company structure is imporant as well as how they deal with language barriers, intercultural awareness, relationships, and audiences. This is your typical organization. They have a CEO (John T. Chambers), but below him is a plethora of Vice Presidents that go with various departments, and then next in line are the supervisors, but last are the employees that consist of technicians to keep the company running smoothly. For those in management, they are considered the executive team. All of them work together to meet the needs of their customers as well as develop new technologies for the public to remain current, and for future employees to get certified in as well (Cisco, 2010).

They overcome language barriers as well as deal with cultural diversity in a number of ways. They ...

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This solution broke down the structure, best practices, language barriers, intercultural awareness, relationships, and communicating change within this organization.