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Partnership for Lebanon and Cisco Systems

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Review the Partnership for Lebanon and Cisco Systems
The project manager for the Partnership for Lebanon (PFL) and Cisco Systems' regional director of corporate affairs for the Middle East and Africa met three years after PFL was first initiated. Their meeting revolved primarily around the challenge of sustainability and what useful suggestions they could put forward to their partners to ensure that the projects initiated through PFL would have a life of their own and not be dependent on the continuous substantive investments of the partners. This case focuses on how companies can leverage their core competence to maximize value for both business and society and the various social and economic goals this can achieve.
You must cite all facts from the case study itself. In addition to citing from the case study, you must also cite at least two other resources.
- Provide a synopsis of the company and the case.
CSR Lessons
- Analyze the case and discuss the key strategic lessons learned from the PFL concerning the
implementation and running of development programs that could be adopted by any senior manager.
Cisco, Corporate Sponsors, and PFL
- Discuss the leadership position that Cisco assumed in the PFL. Analyze the engagement of the PFL
corporate partners. How did they benefit from their engagement? What added value do partnerships
bring to CSR initiatives, in particular to PFL and in general to any organization?
The Challenge of Sustainability
- Make recommendations to help address the challenge of sustainability in development projects led
by CSR initiatives. Base your suggestions on PFL examples from the case.
- Summarize in 2-3 paragraphs the most important elements addressed in this analysis.

Attached is a link of the case. at least 2000 words. it s not a paper but part of a research.
Partnership for Lebanon and Cisco systems - ePrints Soton
from D Jamali - 2011
17.05.2011 - PARTNERSHIP FOR LEBANON AND CISCO SYSTEMS: PROMOTING. DEVELOPMENT IN A POST-WAR CONTEXT. Dima Jamali wrote this ... you can copy and paste it on google

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Cisco Systems is a multinational company that has its headquarters located in San José California. This is a company that focuses on the production of some of the highest quality network equipment in the world, which of his company to maintain its status and reputation as a world leader in network equipment innovation. The partnership for Lebanon is Cisco Systems case is essentially a case in which Cisco Systems embarked upon an effort by which to help to increase the number of economic as well as educational opportunities for the Lebanese people. This process also included an effort for Cisco to help in the reconstruction of Lebanon as well. In carrying out this partnership effort this case describes the methodology that were utilized by Cisco Systems as well as improvements that can be made in engaging in projects of this nature in the future. This case also demonstrates the benefits that struggling nations and their citizens can receive from a little outside aid in helping them to rebuild their society and or infrastructure.

One of the key strategic lessons that were learned in this case concerning the implementation and running of development programs that could be adopted by any senior manager, is the fact that a thorough situational analysis is pertinent before the beginning of any business venture or partnership in order to assist the developing nation. It is quite evident from the case that Cisco leadership thoroughly analyze the situation within Lebanon concerning their inability to obtain upward mobility in respect to their economic and educational development without assistance. It took a detailed and focused analysis of the overall situation within Lebanon in order to ascertain as to the best methodology by which to begin the implementation of the partnership initiatives, and where the implementation should begin within the infrastructure of Lebanon itself. Without conducting such an analysis it would have been very difficult for Cisco to ascertain what networking systems will be most beneficial to the people of Lebanon, as well as whether or not these individuals were capable of utilizing the networking systems and information technology that Cisco would be bring forth. This situational analysis also helped Cisco leadership to understand the effects that the economic situation within Lebanon would have on their ability to implement the ramifications of the partnership in an efficient and effective manner that would result in achieving the outcome that is desired. It was also very important for Cisco Systems leadership to ascertain the amount of governmental cooperation that they were received for this endeavor before embarking upon it, due to the fact that governmental assistance and cooperation would exponentially increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the partnership program.

Another key strategic lesson that was learned in this case concerning the implementation and running of development programs that could be adopted by any senior manager, is the fact that a specific mission must be developed that is focused upon in order for that to be a very high probability of the success of a partnership or any program of this nature. Cisco leadership developed a clear-cut mission or ...