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    Crisis in Public Management

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    I am having issues understanding crisis in public management with the government. I need to clearly understand the similarities/differences of outcomes and key initiatives of the National Performance Review and the Presidents Management Agenda.

    Also based on the concept in entrepreneurial government, out of those two do you know of examples that you can show that you feel may be more effective for reinventing the government and why.

    I like working with you because you make it clear and provide me with additional avenues to view.

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    Here are the similarities between the National Performance Review and the President's Management Agenda. They both believe in having everything citizen-centered. This means keeping a lookout on the results in order to know what needs changed versus what should remain the same. These also prefer to encourage innovation rather than stifling it in order to keep the markets strong. Each of these concepts has goals in mind in order to improve everything for the entire public, such as immigration or driver's license. Both of them believe that change begins at the top, which is with those in management.

    In regards to the differences between the President's Agenda and the National Performance Review is important. The NPR is in regards to companies and not a government body. This includes going through the red tape in order to make positive changes in a work environment. For example, the ...

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