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Ethics of Paying a Bribe

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Some individuals who are engaged in international business transactions have reported a cultural component to ethics. You are working on opening a branch of a food distribution operation in a foreign country, and a local official suggests that a little cash would help your company get started.

Research international business and ethical standards, and answer the following questions:

â?¢In what ways can culture affect ethical standards and shape business behavior?
â?¢Is it ethical to take part in corrupt international business transactions? Legal? Explain.

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â?¢In what ways can culture affect ethical standards and shape business behavior?
In a number of other cultures, it is considered a part of the cost of doing business to "grease" the way of obtaining permissions, permits and considerations by providing a bribe. In US culture, this behavior is illegal, objectionable, and subject to criminal prosecution, since no one is supposed to obtain special privileges using cash incentives. This is absolutely NOT a part of doing business in other cultures, even if publicly, bribes ...

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Questions answered on the subject of paying a bribe as part of conducting international business, and the ethics of such a choice.

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