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Implementing a Best Buy in Taiwan

I am trying to implement Best Buy in Taiwan. (a company like best Buy)
I need to get some research based on the following:

In the government or politics?
Benefits to locating in the country
Liabilities to locating, and Potential solutions or mitigation to these liabilities
Marketing considerations
Employment management considerations
Final recommendation on whether to locate in this country

Cite any sources.

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One of the prevailing issues within the government and or political arena of Taiwan is the issue of its sovereignty from the Chinese mainland. Currently China maintains that Taiwan is technically a part of mainland China, and there have been years of negotiations and tension between the two nations in this regard. Taiwan views itself as an independent nation, and so deems itself as The Republic of China, in lieu of the Communist controlled People's Republic of China, which constitutes the Chinese mainland. Although Taiwan recognizes it's self as independent of China, many nations tend to fail to recognize Taiwan's status as an independent nation. The United States and over 20 other nations tend to recognize Taiwan's independent status.

Although both the People's Republic of China(mainland China), and the Republic of China(Taiwan), claim to be the sole representatives of the Chinese people, these nations cooperatively engage in negotiations and relations in regards to the Chinese agenda. Despite the controversy with mainland China, the government of Taiwan is relatively stable, and is open to economic trade with most nations around the world. Taiwan's government is democratic in nature, and presidents are elected through elections similar to those held in the United States and elsewhere. The Taiwanese Pan Blue coalition is presently in power within that nation has the majority of the legislative seats, and this coalition favors identification with mainland China, which ...

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