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7-Eleven in Taiwan

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Subject: 7-Eleven in Taiwan

Seeking an expert perspective in the following areas on 7-Eleven in Taiwan

- Briefly discuss each area in SWOT
- Briefly identify and discuss Key Strategies
- Briefly identify and discuss Key Issues
- Make Recommendations based on the above areas discussed

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Strengths: 7-Eleven Inc. is the world's largest operator, franchisor, and licensor of convenience stores. It has a strong business format, wide international presence, and has a strong deal with President Chain Store Corp., the distribution arm of Uni-President Enterprises Corporation Group. Its stores are such that they appeal to the Taiwanese Customers, localized is approach In Taiwan and achieved growth, and has used innovations such as ibon platform to strengthen its position in Taiwaan. Weaknesses: Even thought 7-Eleven Inc. Offers ibon, its communication with customers is weak because its web based services are not well developed. It has high employee turnover. Moreover, 7-Eleven Inc. has high margins and cannot compete on price. Its overheads are relatively high. Its offering is limited, and is not perceived as a place for complete shopping. 7-Eleven Inc. is not distinguished as the destination of choice for shopping. Opportunities: PCSC has the opportunity of selling passenger and rail tickets in Taiwan. The other opportunity is that it can provide its customers with buying and renting apartments and cars. Further, PSCS has the opportunity of opening Franchisees at Shanghai, Japan. Threats: There is strong competition from other convenience chains as well as from international discount ...

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