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A Comparison of Two Countries Regulatory Environments

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Your firm has been investigating the possibility of locating facilities in an East Asian country such as , Taiwan, or Singapore. Prepare a report that addresses the following information:

What is each country's environmental regulation level?
What kind of legislation has been passed in the country regarding working hours and wages?
Do you think the country's environmental regulation is sufficient? Explain.
Do you feel that the country's hour and wage legislation is ethical?

I know the question sounds extensive but I am only looking for some good notes and references to write a 2 -3 page essay.
Please provide references.

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Solution Summary

The solution compares the regulatory environments of two Asian Countries, Taiwan and Singapore, to determine which location may be most suitable for operating a new facility. The comparison considers the regulatory environment of both countries, regulations regarding the treatment and pay of workers and whether each country has the appropriate amount of regulation in place.

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Taiwan's environmental regulation level is just beginning to increase, but some experts believe it may be too little too late. For example, many of the rice fields have been contaminated by toxins from manufacturing. Laws are in placed but are not regularly enforced. Populations are dense in urban areas, with urban sprawl into suburbs, mostly along the west coast and its capital, Taipei


Singapore is also densely populated and has a mix of processed food manufacturing, service industry and product ...

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