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Asia Pacific Democracy Follow-up Questions

I'm starting to write my essay, and from what you've given me I think it's wise to compare Taiwan and South Korea, my topic is why some countries are democratic while some are authoritarian in the Asia-Pacific, and my thesis statement is somewhere along the lines of "the leading factors that determine whether a country in the Asia-Pacific became a democracy or stayed authoritarian/semi-authoritarian has to do with 3 factors":

1. Cold War
2. WW II
3. Relationship with the United States

Do you think these should me modified or added onto with respect to comparing Taiwan and South Korea, since this is a comparison essay. If not, what countries should I focus on for not taking the route of democracy (i.,e. Burma, Singapore, Thailand), do you think I should focus on writing a paper on democracy vs. authoritarianism, or 2 countries that are democracies? For example, should I focus on South Korea and Taiwan vs. Burma/Thailand, or a paper of just South Korea and Taiwan?

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Well, the first thing I did was to go back to your original posting to me and pull the questions:

1. Why are some countries in the Asia-Pacific (specifically between South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Burma, and Taiwan, and Vietnam) democratic while others are authoritarian or semi-democratic?

2. In the Asia-Pacific, does economic growth lead to democracy (with specific reference to the countries above-mentioned).

I'm going to presume that whatever route you go with this, you need to address at least those two. Also, your three factors are fairly closely related. I'm ...

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