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American Politics in South East Asia

I need to create a 6-9 slide powerpoint presentation that covers how the U.S. became involved with the politics of Southeast Asia and how that involvment impacted the U.S. political climate of the 1950's. The presentation must contain speaker notes which is what I am having the most trouble with. I truly do not get politics and frankly don't care much for them so any help on this would be very much appreciated. I just don't know where to begin because our text book does not cover everything that this assignment is asking for and I am not that Internet suavy to find it all.

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The solution provides a historical discussion that analyzes & presents the various historically significant events borne in the ashes of WW2 that launched the wars by proxy in the Korean Peninsula and the eventual conflict of the Vietnam War. It looks at the politics behind every American & Russian powerplay and the eventual result of such moves. While this solution is intended as a guide for creating an in depth powerpoint presentation on the topic, it provides a subject by subject invaluable background on American Cold War Policies in South East Asia. A Reference section is provided for further research on the subject.