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International Strategy

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1. What drives the competitive advantage(s) of a company?
2. A better product would cost more and what if the market will not bear that higher price and/or you do not have a larger enough of the market share that would pay the price to be profitable?
3. What drives any companies' competitive advantage?

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1. What drives the competitive advantage(s) of a company?

What drives the competitive advantage of a company is important. The following are worth considering. Management is usually greedy for money and revenue in order to keep their organization afloat, so that each employee is paid for on a regular basis. In fact, currency from any part of the world keeps the competitiion alive because of wanting to have the most unique product available to customers, and to meet their needs as effectively as possible. This is not an easy task because individuals have to adapt to various questionaires and surveys that are provided to them on a regular basis. Since everyone's needs are different, they have to put into cconsideration all that is provided to them from those that are loyal and buy from them daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually. As a result, their work becomes complex because of how everyone is different; consequently, if they are a multinational corporation (MNC), then having to adapt to the culture in which they live is imperative that this occurs. People will either take initiative when in this environment or choose otherwise because of how culture shock sets in for those who have never worked in that part of ...

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This solution discussed the drives of a competitive advantage within an organization, the market and the product, and what drives companies in general for a competitive advantage.