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The Five Characteristics of a Living System

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I need help with some questions...

Explain the five (5) characteristics of a living system describing how each can be manifested in a viable organization

Explain how the Performance Technology Landscape model, the barriers and success factors for teaming, role sets and performance requirements integrate with the systems viewpoint - a system is a collection of elements and relationships held together by a purpose in common.

How would you ameliorate (break down) each of the barriers to effectiveness that might be negatively impacting a virtual team?

What conditions would you want to have before attempting a Whole Systems Transformation?

Using the five (5) characteristics of a living system, list symptoms that might indicate decreasing viability of the organization.

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Living Systems:

The characteristics of living systems include being interactive i.e. the members in the living systems move in, out and within the system. This can be manifested in the organization by the movement of employees in and out of the department within the organization as the employees gain different expertise in the department. The other characteristic of a living system is that they are directly in relation to their immediate environment i.e. if members within the system indulge into activities that affects them it subsequently affects the environment and vice versa. An example of how this characteristic is manifested in the organization is when there are a large number of competitors in their environment. Subsequently, this affects the prices of the commodities, the consumer's tastes and preferences and the organization's strategies on marketing and distribution (Understanding the, 2004).

The other characteristic is that living systems are open i.e. there is free flow of information, matter and energy. In an organization the open characteristic in the living systems has enhanced the sales and purchase of goods and services. This is because a viable organization produces goods and services useful to the consumer and get into a free and fair trade with them. The other characteristic of a living system is that members in the living systems are adaptive. In a viable organization, the management develops different policies and strategies so as to meet the ...

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The five characteristics of a living system are examined. The expert explains how the performance technology landscape models