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    Four Characteristics of Living Organisms

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    Relate the various levels of organization in living organisms to those of nonliving entities. Use specific examples to explain your answer.

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    To understand the levels of organization in living things compared to the organization in nonliving things, the starting point consists of the main four differences between living and nonliving things.

    Living (vs. non-living) things exhibit the following:

    1.) Reproduction
    2.) Metabolism
    3.) Movement
    4.) Response to stimuli

    Regardless of the complexity of the living organism, it will have at least a basic ability to do all four of these things, where the nonliving things will not have any. One celled organisms can reproduce using asexual, mitotic division, or even with rudimentary, quasi-sexual ...

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    This solution details the four characteristics of living things and compares the traits of living things to non-living entities. The solution provides specific answers in addressing the topic.