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    Alibaba's Global Expansion strategy

    analyze the strategic profile of Alibaba, purpose and vision, including the following issues: . 1. Defended the business strategy utilized by Alibaba. 2. Evaluated Alibaba's rationale for developing its international competitive market capabilities. 3. Assessed whether Alibaba is utilizing the most appropriate method of

    eBusiness and Social Media

    Select an organization that you believe to be particularly good at interacting with its customers and leveraging the power of social media. (See Facebook Ted Video above for an example). You could make this selection based upon your own experiences or do some web research to identify an exemplar. (If you have an interest in this

    Microsoft and Business Faltering

    Using Microsoft as an example, discuss some of the challenges they have faced from disruptive innovation. What were these disruptive business models? Critique how Microsoft has responded to potential disruptive threats. Did they recognize these threats in a timely fashion? If not, what factors might have caused their blindness t

    Value Pricing and E-Book Content

    Can someone please provide some assistance with these question. Each response to each question needs to be between 550 to 650 words or more: Define channel conflict and explain how it applies to the retail industry? What are the advantages and disadvantages of e-book content? What is personalization or personal value pr

    Behavioral Targeting & Other E-Commerce Concepts

    Can someone please provide some assistance with these questions below. Each question has to be between 350 to 450 words. - Name three ways online advertising networks have improved on, or added to, traditional offline marketing techniques. - Explain how behavioral targeting is supposed to benefit both consumers and business

    eCommerce, mCommerce, cCommerce, and More

    75 words each and references for each question 1. Define C2C e-commerce and provide at least two examples. 2. Define collaborative commerce and the elements of collaborative commerce. What are the drawbacks to collaborative commerce? 3. Define knowledge management and the six tasks achieved by having a knowledge managem

    Data Mining in Internet Marketing

    Can someone please provide some assistance with this question. It is for an MBA course. It needs to be between 550 and 650 words. Name some of the drawbacks to the four data mining techniques used in Internet marketing? Thank you so much in advance for your help. I really do appreciate it.

    Social Activity Online - Paid Placements

    Would you say that the Internet fosters or impedes social activity? Explain your position. There is some controversy surrounding paid placements on search engines. What are the issues surrounding paid-placement search engines? Why might consumers object to this practice?

    Future Internet Usage

    Why would the amount of experience someone has using the Internet likely increase future Internet usage?

    Tesco.com Case Study Analysis

    Answer the below questions in the following format Introduction (Summary of case) Questions Answers to questions Conclusions Max 4 pages 1. What are the main opportunities and challenges in online grocery retailing? 2. In what ways does Tesco.com expect to benefit from its online initiative? 3. What role do logist

    Key Competitive Advantages of Amazon.com and Yahoo.com

    What are the key strategic differences that have impacted the relative success of both Amazon.com and Yahoo.com? How can you analyze the manner in which each company's distinctive competencies help to shape the strategies that each company pursues?

    Limitations of E-Commerce

    Respond to the following: The Internet has certainly made daily life much more convenient with the many vast abilities that it provides to millions of users. Internet users may browse and roam the World Wide Web for random sets of information, such as searching for addresses and phone numbers of people and businesses, digita

    Internet Crime Prevention

    APA style paper, sharing reactions about people who have found the Internet to be a useful tool for perpetrating crimes, conducting terrorism, and even waging war. Paper should include 300-500 words.

    Customer Service Management Protocol Plans

    Create a proposal using different customer service management protocol plans. The proposal should begin with a brief explanation of each separate technique. Discuss each technique's strategic contribution to the e-business's market leadership. The specific techniques that you should evaluate in your plan include the following:

    Evolution of Web 2.0

    While IT provides the platform for this phenomenon, the changing behavior of users represents the biggest challenge and opportunity for businesses today. Web 2.0 also represents opportunities for those who understand and master the new way of doing things. Managers who invest the time to understand and become proficient in new a

    Websites, Social Media and Culture

    1. In two paragraphs, explain why a customer-centric Web site design is so important, yet is so difficult to accomplish. 2. In about two paragraphs, distinguish between outsourcing and offshoring as they relate to business processes. 3. In about 200 words, explain how the achieved trust level of a company's communications

    Supply Chain Management and Pricing

    In what ways has the Internet made supply chain management easier? More difficult? How is the idea of personalization or personal value pricing supported by e-commerce applications? Might these applications lead to new areas of competition for a firm? If so, how?

    e-Commerce Impact on a Company Now and In the Future

    Describe the ways in which e-commerce is able to augment the traditional role of the firm. What key effects will e-commerce have on a firm's ability to establish and achieve its goals? In your answer, comment on (a) the firm of the future (circa 2027) and (b) the key environments within which the firm will operate.

    Safe Harbors

    A safe harbor is a condition of a law or a rule that lessens/removes a company's or individual's liability under some form of regulation, providing that the company or individual acts in good faith within the harbor. For this discussion, go to http://www.export.gov/safeharbor/ and review the characteristics of a safe harbor. Br

    Business development plan for Xivic

    Present a minimum of 1 quarter of Business Development plan for the company Xivic using a powerpoint presentation. -Understanding of the company -Identify new business opportunities -Developing and executing effective sales and marketing strategies Company Info: Xivic is a cutting edge digital solutions provider focus

    Authentication and Securing Transactions

    What is meant by authentication? What is its role in securing transactions? Additionally, what is process that financial and banking institutions utilize to avoid fraudulent transactions that have been verified? In what way does trust play a role?