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    Tesco.com Case Study Analysis

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    Answer the below questions in the following format

    Introduction (Summary of case)
    Answers to questions
    Max 4 pages

    1. What are the main opportunities and challenges in online grocery retailing?
    2. In what ways does Tesco.com expect to benefit from its online initiative?
    3. What role do logistics play in online grocery retailing in general?
    4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the different order fulfillment approaches (i.e. in-store vs. warehouse-based)?
    5. What recommendations would you make to Tesco.com in order to consolidate its 'emerging' success?
    6. What lessons would you draw from the Tesco.com case and other Internet-based grocery experiences you may be aware of, and what messages would you have for e-retailers in general?

    See following link for case study: http://cases.insead.edu/publishing/case?code=10135

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    Tesco.com came online and then provided services that ran the gamut from food through online provider. Grocery shopping online was a new service, and was not yet popular. Education of the public was a priority along with making online grocery shopping a habit for shoppers. Offering pricing that is the same as stores, while providing delivery in a timely and efficient manner, without having to charge large delivery fees is important as well for success.


    Opportunities include the ability to gain customers offering a new type of service. Integration of online and on ground shopping is another opportunity, getting customers through two ways to access the company and what it offers.


    The major one is to get customers educated and using an online service. The company must be able to assure customers that the products they order will be delivered fresh.

    The website of an online grocery store must be visually appealing, easy to search, easy to navigate. The site needs to have regular updates, almost daily or at the least weekly. The website is one of the keys to being a successful online shopping outlet. Accepting credit or debit cards and keeping charges for delivery low are other ways to attract customers. The Tesco site also has the same pricing as shopping offline in the store. This makes customer feel more comfortable with the service.

    Tesco has a consultant that is a shopper, a mother helping them to make the site easy and friendly for shoppers. Tesco offers several ways to shop online. One is ...

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