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    Business initiatives for success

    As current and future managers of technology and innovation, what approaches and initiatives do you plan to utilize to ensure that your organization continues to successfully compete in the global marketplace?

    Marriages and Stepfamilies

    1. The remarried family has been called an incomplete institution. What does this mean? How does this affect the people involved in a remarriage? Include a discussion of kin networks and family law. Do you think this situation is changing? 2. What evidence can you gather from observation or your own personal experience or bot

    Advantages and disadvantages of e-commerce

    Amazon started as an e-commerce book site and has now added music, toys, electronics, software and clothes to is list of product offerings. You are welcome to review the following articles from Proquest. Marcial, Gene (Oct 29, 2007) The Unplumbed Depths of Amazon. Business Week. New York: . p. 112 Doherty, Kathy (Oct 2007

    Please help

    Write a minimum 1100+ word paper that explains how ethical, legal and regulatory issues will influence the future of the internet. Include properly cited references. Give specifics. Try to relate your answer to your job or industry.

    Joshua and Leonora and Job Adjustments with a Baby

    Scenario Scenario Summary Leonora and Joshua are having disagreements about Leonora returning to work after staying home with their child, Christa, who is now 3 months old. There is constant rejection and retaliation as Leonora demonstrates anger by yelling at Joshua. Joshua continues expressing his opinions about the cost

    European Union Economy

    Given that the most integrated region in the world has been the European Union (EU), which started as early as 1993, Has it been a success or failure so far? Why?


    Scenario Scenario Summary Marietta and Jeremy have been dating for the past 3 years. They got engaged 1 year ago and are planning their wedding. Marietta was born and raised in the Philippines, came to America about 5 years ago, and obtained citizenship 2 years ago. She has never been married before and has strong family t

    Market System - Dotcom Companies

    In the 1990s thousands of "dot-com" companies emerged with great fanfare to take advantage of the Internet and new information technologies. A few thrived and prospered while others failed. Explain these varied outcomes in terms of how the market system answers the question "What goods and services will be produced"?

    Business / E-Commerce

    Market segmentation (demographic, geographic, psychographic, usage, benefit). Four e-commerce strategies and how an online retailer would utilize them. Environmental scanning and how the factors of the e-environment affect an e-retailer. How companies use cookies and how they work in your browser.

    Small Business: E-Commerce

    Explain and describe the following: Purposes of marketing communications. Stickiness of websites; define (including metrics that measure visitor's activity) and give a specific example of a sticky website. Three successful e-commerce value propositions Tim Berners-Lee and his contributions to e-commerce. Traditi

    E-Commerce for a Small Business

    Please address the following questions about e-commerce: - What are the components of the Internet's infrastructure? - Create a sample e-commerce program that is presentable to senior management. Create a sample marketing plan and how e-CRM would be incorporated into the plan. Discuss e-commerce strategies and how the

    E-Commerce Evaluation

    Critique the current e-commerce program and activity. In a 3- to 4-page evaluation, summarize the program and give SPECIFIC areas that are not working and how your improvements (outlined below). You will also need to point out how your competitors are utilizing e-commerce as well; this is critical because it will set up the rati

    Paid Placement and a Top Ranking

    Please help with the following problem. What's the difference between a paid placement and a top ranking? How do companies get top rankings on big search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.? Research the practice of tagging competitors so you rise to the top when potential customers search for your competitors. Is this et

    Strategic issues with 'clicks-to-bricks'

    I need help with the following questions. Each response should be at least 250 words and include an example. 1. Explain the strategic issues a company need to address when adding 'clicks-top-bricks'. 2. What options does a company have for solving the online/offline channel conflict? 3. Describe how case studies can help

    Network of mobile e-commerce

    I need help answering the following questions. Each response should include an example and 250 words. 1. http://radar.oreilly.com is a widely recognized blog from the US media company O'Reilly Media who started the first conferences under the label Web 2.0. Go to this site and write a report of your findings. 2. Assess th

    Find the process of System Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

    Find the process of System Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Discuss how and why an organization should apply SDLC process. If you work as IT staff in an organization, how you will suggest your team and your manager to implement or improve SDLC process.

    RFID AutoIdentification

    Please read "The Insight on Technology Case, RFID AutoIdentification" on page 781 (attached) and describe how RFID will impact interfirm trade and B2B Commerce.

    E-Commerce: Is it Really NEW

    Many state that e-commerce is not new, that it may have changed how companies do business, but it simply has not changed the fundamentals of business. With this in mind, how new is the e-business concept?

    Using the Internet to gain competitive advantage

    Essay 250 words. Explain how Internet can help a company to achieve a competitive advantage in the marketplace through (a) cost leadership and (b) differentiation. Illustrate each case through an actual example.

    IT-based systems and operational/financial risks

    - Discuss at least three to five advantages and disadvantages of implementing an IT-based system. Identify at least four inherent operational and financial risks in using computerized reports. Propose at least two mitigation risk strategies, and justify your recommendation. - Identify at least three risks that auditors need t

    Data planning and modelling

    I need help on the following questions please. Each question should be a minimum of 100 words and all sources be cited with references please: 1. Discuss the problems or pitfalls of doing data planning and modelling. How can these be alleviated? Discuss the advantages and uses of data modelling. 2. Identify the data that i

    Utilizing e-business and e-commerce Internationally

    Assume you were recently promoted to director of international marketing for a medium-size corporation manufacturing, marketing, and selling products. Your company has not utilized e-business prominently outside of the U.S., and one of your first objectives is to utilize e-business and e-commerce internationally. Discuss h

    LawMarketing.com & Media Buys & Ad Metrics

    Can you please help me put these questions together about this Online Advertising Metrics paper. Attached are the instructions. Thanks in advance for your assistance. Online Advertising Metrics As an Advertising Director for a direct marketing firm specializing in the legal industry, you are charged with putting together

    Data Breach Discussion Questions

    Who are the potential victims of an organization's data breach? What is social engineering? Give an example. Explain how identity theft can occur. List benefits of e-business. What are the major types of e-business transactions? What is the advantage of using cloud computing as the platform for e-government?