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    Electronic Data Transfer

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    In what way is electronic data transferring a negative for an organization?

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    Electronic Data Transfer:

    Electronic data transfer involves movement of files, information, documents remotely usually with the use of computers and related devices.
    The common term for electronic data transfer is Electronic Data Interchange.

    Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is commonly defined as the direct computer-to-computer exchange of standard business forms ... that allow a business application to take place without human intervention (Copeland and Hwang, 2013).
    Encyclopedia of Business (2013) describes it as the use of computer and telecommunication technology to move data between or within organizations in a structured, ...

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    Electronic data transfer is a scientific innovation facilitating the remote transfer of information. However, with electronic data transfer, there are things that can be negative to small firms. The solution provides five references to aid in the understanding of the question...