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    Electronic Data Interchange and Value Added Networks

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    Define the following:
    Electronic Data Interchange
    Value-Added Networks
    Restaurant Inventory

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    Electronic data interchange is essentially the methodology by which organizations transmit information and data between one another. This methodology is essentially a data transmission methodology that utilizes computerized machinery in order to expeditiously transmit data, nearly instantaneously, between the computer systems of different organizations. This system is an effective methodology by which a variety of different business related documents, as well as other important business materials can be quickly and efficiently transmitted between a nearly unlimited number of organizations in a rapid fashion. One of the most important features of the electronic data interchange methodology, is the fact that this electronic data interchange can be conducted with little or no human assistance, which offers the convenience of using such a system for variety of different organizations. Electronic data interchange can not only be conducted between the computer systems ...

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    The expert examines the electronic data interchange and value added networks. A restaurant inventory is examined.